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The Lazy Stoner – Does Cannabis Kill Your Motivation?

When talking about cannabis, most people immediately imagine a couch potato who’s completely incapable of doing anything. Red eyes that are almost shut, slow movements, a big grin, and a lazy routine. Yeah, you get the picture. But, is that really true? Does cannabis really zap your motivation and render you useless?

If you’re a regular smoker, you know that you’ve been judged at some point in time as the smoker who’s just good for nothing. You’re not alone. People feared that cannabis made them lazy even in the 60s and 70s when recreational use increased in an unprecedented manner. Scientists even named the phenomenon as the Amotivational Syndrome and cannabis was kicked to the corner once again as rumors began to fly.

The Lynskey and Hall study states that cannabis is associated with less motivation to study, work, etc but other studies cite that there’s no relation to cannabis and reduced motivation. As always, we need more research and studies to prove anything in the cannabis industry but think about the last time you felt like you’d burst with creativity after smoking Sativa strains like Blue Dream or Soul Diesel.

The problem with the studies blaming cannabis for laziness is that the number of people tested is too small. Also, users linked to past history of depression participated as well and scientists believe that it could be the depression that could be the culprit. Although celebrities like Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and many others have admitted that weed induces creativity and see no harm in it, naysayers continue to argue that cannabis can suck the motivation out of you.

For every study that refutes the advantage of cannabis, you’ll find another study citing that there’s no scientific evidence to prove anything. Truth be told, powerful Indicas like Bubba Kush and Critical Mass can knock you out, but it’s only short term.

Cannabis, Dopamine, and Motivation

One reason why marijuana may be associated with low levels of motivation could be studies that state how cannabis can reduce dopamine over time. Some studies also assert that short-term users aren’t likely to get affected, but long-term users may become lazy over time.

However, the biggest flaw with such studies is that it’s only observational where they can’t prove that cannabis is the sole culprit. Also, as you probably know by now, correlation doesn’t point to causation and it’s not good enough to prove that weed makes you lazy.

Time and again, users have claimed that cannabis actually increases motivation and it’s perhaps because marijuana releases dopamine temporarily when you smoke. Again, there aren’t many studies confirming or negating this fact. Cannabis smokers unanimously agree that Sativa strains help you remain productive throughout the day, and although Indicas make you sleepy, they can be a boon to patients suffering from chronic pain and other diseases.

We live in a world where cancerous substances like tobacco are legal, but herbs like cannabis that prevent cancer can land you in jail! Our next generation of smart kids will probably wonder what the fuss was all about. Legalizing cannabis is a no-brainer, yet it’s incredibly hard to convince people that it’s harmless. The lazy stoner myth will perhaps never die, but cannabis users gaining benefits from the plant will have the last laugh.

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