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24-Year-Old Canadian Opens 4 CBD Stores in 8 Months

There’s big money in marijuana. Especially now that it’s become legal. A 24-year-old Canadian is taking his piece of the pie by cashing in on budding cannabis business opportunity. Stop & Smell the Roses is the 4th CBD cannabis boutique that Toronto native Cody Coulson has opened in the last 8 months.

24-Year-Old Cody Coulson is Crushing the Canadian Cannabis Market After Personal Success with CBD

When Coulson was 11-years-old, he watched his father struggle with intestinal cancer. Access to medical marijuana was limited at the time, leaving it difficult for his father to access the medicine he desperately needed.

“I noticed the major lack of both access and knowledge about the cannabis industry,” says Coulson. “After he passed away, I was frustrated with the cannabis system’s lack of regulation and access to quality products and driven to find a solution.”

When Coulson was 18, he developed health issues of his own. He was diagnosed with epilepsy after experiencing his first grand mal seizure. He was given medicine to treat his condition, but instead of feeling better he experienced “cold sweats, insomnia, anxiety, and a severe loss of emotion.”

Modern medicine has a tendency to do that.

Coulson took things into his own hands and began researching alternatives to the medicine he was taking. CBD showed promise to treat his epilepsy, but doctors refused to prescribe it.

“After months of asking my family doctor for alternatives (including CBD),” says Coulson, “the sort answer was ‘no’.”

Coulson decided to take the CBD anyway. The side effects he was experiencing stopped. And he hasn’t had a seizure in 3 years.

Dedicated to learning as much as he could about CBD and the benefits of medical marijuana, Coulson has a degree in Plant Production and Facility Management and has written countless papers on the medical benefits of CBD. His passion has led to an entrepreneurial vision that has allowed him to open four CBD retail stores in less than a year.

For This Canadian Ganjapreneur Selling CBD is More Than Making Money

Coulson is dedicated to teaching others about the benefits of CBD, as well as ending the stigma that still surrounds medical marijuana.

“We write frequent blogs and educational material,” says Coulson, “we offer free consultations to anyone wanting to learn more, we speak to people in-store and online every day.”

Currently, Stop & Smell the Roses sells an array of hemp-based products. The CBD store carries oils, body creams, bath bombs, and products for pets. Concentrate pens and water pipes can also be purchased. They are also working on releasing a line of THC-infused products.

Coulson hopes to expand in the future, with plans to open locations in British Columbia this year.

Canada’s Cody Coulson isn’t just making a name for himself in the rapidly-growing medical and recreational marijuana market. He’s also doing his best to educate others on the wildly beneficial attributes cannabis contains.

To Coulson, it’s more than just making money. It’s a mission.


  • How hard is it to get a medical license in Ontario?
    I am 68 years old and have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
    I also have a 15 year old dog that I know would benefit from cannibus oil.
    I am nervous to just go to a 4/20 shop .
    Can you help me?

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