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10 Awesome Ways to Cook With Cannabis

Get Creative and Cook with Cannabis

We’re way beyond the days of the “special brownie.” Using weed for cooking is becoming common. In fact, the practice has entered the kitchens of professional chefs and homes. With so many ways to cook with cannabis crazier dishes are surfacing every day. You can use a sauce, oil, or butter infused with the finest herb to make a variety of dishes. With more people entering the infused-cooking game there’s a push for innovative ways to cook with cannabis. These are the craziest ways to cook with cannabis so far.

10. Agave Nectar

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

Trying to switch things up? Agave is a trending, healthy substitute for things like high fructose corn syrup and sugar. It’s also vegan for those that can’t use cannabis-infused honey.

Since it is made of real sugars (fructose and glucose), agave nectar kills it in the kitchen and bakery. You can find cannabis-infused agave nectar on the market today.

9. Cannabons

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

We all know that alluring smell of a Cinnabon stand in the mall. Well, you can make cannabis-infused cinnamon rolls at home.

It takes a bit of effort, but the result is delicious and worth every second. Here’s a guide on how to make “cannabons” at home.

8. Cannaburger

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

People are finding ways to infuse everyday American meals with pot. One of our favorite ways to cook with cannabis is the “Cannaburger.”

You can use a turkey or veggie burger if you want. The cannabis content for this one will be coming from the butter you fry the patty in. Cannabutter makes it easy to introduce cannabis to almost any food you can imagine.

7. Coconut Oil

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabisvideo

A simple way to cook with cannabis is by using it to infuse coconut oil. Separately they both have health benefits. However, the combination of these two vegan-friendly superfoods will keep you feeling good.

In fact, you may find yourself getting higher off of lesson. The reason is coconut oil contains lecithin which makes it easier for the body to absorb THC.

There are machines that can make cannabis-infused coconut oil, but you can also do it on a stovetop or hot plate.

6. Cannabis Olive Oil

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

One of the most versatile ways to cook with cannabis is with a cannabis-infused olive oil. You can use it for sautéing, frying, dipping bread, or as a salad dressing.

There are both THC and CBD extra virgin love oils available on the market, but you can also make your own.

5. Firecrackers

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

One of the craziest ways to cook with cannabis is the firecracker. You don’t even have to infuse anything for this one. First, grab some already vaped bud or freshly ground cannabis. Then, decarboxylate it to activate the THC.

You’ll need graham crackers and something with fat content. Next, use a knife to spread peanut butter, fluff or Nutella on the cracker. Then, sprinkle the activated buds on top to finish.

4. Cannahoney

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

Did you know bees could infuse their honey with cannabis? In fact, a French beekeeper, “Nicolas Trainerbees,” taught his bees to collect the resin from live cannabis plants. They use it in place of nectar from other plants to make honey.

As a result, he’s created a medicated “cannahoney” that can be added to any recipe requiring sweetness. Nicolas claims that anything that passes through a bee’s body is improved.

For those that don’t have the time to train bees to make their cannahoney, there are ways to make it at home.

3. Ice Cream

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

To make infused ice cream, you’ll just need to use marijuana milk in the place of regular milk. If you have that and a home ice cream machine you can make your cannabis ice cream.

You can throw sugar, 2 cups of heavy cream, marijuana milk, a teaspoon of salt, and vanilla extract into a bowl. Then, mix it all up and throw it and finally throw it in the ice cream machine.

2. Infused-Condiments

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

One of the easiest ways to cook with cannabis is by utilizing infused-condiments. If you can’t afford to stink up the kitchen, you can purchase cannabis-infused ketchup, mustard, sriracha, steak sauce, and hot sauce.

A medicated hot sauce would be a simple way to turn your hot wings into a weed-infused dish. Freddie’s hot sauce has 420mg of THC that will leave you sweating.

If you want a little weed with your drank, you can also use the infused-hot sauce to spike a bloody mary.

1. Ramen Noodles

10 Crazy Ways to Cook With Cannabis

You can use weed to make instant ramen noodles. If you want to make a quick cannabutter just throw some ground up weed, water, and butter in a pot. Then, cook it for about 20 minutes or until the weed turns brown.

Add the noodles to the mix, let it cook for 5 minutes, add seasonings and eat that up. You should drink the broth, so you get all the THC content.


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