marijuana, marijuana buds, hemp, hemp seeds, cannabis, medical marijuana

Although hemp and marijuana both come from the same plant specifies, yet they are totally different. You might know that they both contain cannabidol or CBD, and has medicinal properties. However, the amount of CBD content differs in both.

Thus the dosage of marijuana and hemp differs when you are consuming it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. For example, cannabis or marijuana is more strong compared to hemp, because of the sativa or the strains it contains.

weed, hemp, marijuana, hemp seedsAdditionally, when you consider other medicinal benefits of marijuana and hemp, marijuana wins over it. This is because marijuana contains terpene and hence is more powerful and useful for medicinal purposes.

Moreover, when you consider the tetrahydrocannibol or THC content hemp wins over marijuana with a small amount. Notably, THC is the component that makes you feel high or stoned. THC content in hemp is approximately 0.3 percent.

So, if you are still wondering about the basic difference between these two weed products, here are they summed up for you.

marijuana, marijuana buds, hemp, hemp seeds, cannabis, medical marijuanaMarijuana

Marijuana can act as a medicine thanks to the CBD content, along with low THC content. Additionally, it also contains moderate levels of terpene, based on the strain that you choose. The THC content also varies from strain to strain, depending on the type of disease or health conditions you are treating. More the THC content, more stoned you will be feeling, so it does work better for pain remediation. However, it is useless when it comes to non – pain remediation, and that is why components like terpene and CBD are important.


This has less medicinal values compared to marijuana. It contains approximately 4% CBD and also lacks the flavonoids and the medicinal terpenes. Additionally, the 0.3% THC content makes it better for recreational purpose, but not for medicinal purposes. So, if you do take in hemp, you’d be stoned, and that is not something desirable when you are in pain.

However, you can definitely have hemp seeds, as they are high in nutritional value. The seeds contain fibers, proteins and flavonoids. It also contain fatty acids, making it a plant supplement of beef. So, if you are on a plant rich diet, be sure to take in some hemp seeds and cook them as a regular part of your diet.

So, now that you know about the basic differences, next time if you do need medicinal benefits, try out medical marijuana.

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