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“Im COPD FREE...Cannabis helped me! It’s god’s miracle medicine and I would have never known unless I got sick”

Like my friend Doug Bench, a judge in florida who admittedly put over 300 people in jail for cannabis related offences, who was diagnosed with COPD and given only 9 short months to live and a handful of pills to take. after a great deal of research his wife urged him to try cannabis and today he is living COPD free.

- Doug Bench, Founder, Rethink Green Foundation.

“CBD helped me heal from my knee injury”

Cielo lynn was thrown from her vehicle and severely injured her knee. During her painful rehabilitation cielo used CBD to help her sleep , relax, deal with stress and anxiety from the pain. She went on to win 2 medals in a bodybuilding contest this year!

- Cielo Lyn, Physical Therapist, Patient, Body Builder

“CBD helped me heal from my knee injury”

Dr Rav who has worked with over 7000 patients with chronic illnesses and treated them all with natural remedies including cannabis said, “there is no other medicine that can do what cannabis and CBD does in just one dose, it truly a miracle medicine”!

- Dr. Robert (Rav) Iker, Holistic Healer

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