Spring is in full bloom and wedding season is right on its heels. For those who want to incorporate their love for cannabis into their big day, there’s never been a better time.

Cannabis-friendly weddings are on the rise, so to help you get in on the fun, we dove into some beautiful cannabis products, floral arrangements, and more that are sure to make both your guests and yourself very happy—and maybe just a little bit buzzed. Whether you’re after bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, or an accent to your outfit, check out our list below for lovely ideas.

Whole Plant Jewelry


If you’re not one for flashy trinkets yet still want to showcase cannabis, take a look at whole plant jewelry options. The Stems and Seeds necklace is a sweet and discreet accessory that can complement a number of wedding looks, while the long Cannabis Drop necklace celebrates all the botanical elements connected to the plant itself.

Bud Boutonnières and Bouquets


To make a bold statement on your wedding day, why not incorporate your favorite strain into your wedding bouquet or boutonniere? Irie Weddings and Events is one company that can make those dreams come true—all you have to do is choose your bud of choice and they’ll do the rest!

Cannabis Flower Crowns and Hair Pins


Using flowers, trinkets, jewels, and myriad other pretty things to adorn wedding hair has been a practice since the dawn of time. But instead of pearls and roses, consider the cannabis flower or cannabis leaves. These gold cannabis bobby pins will make a subtle statement, while a DIY flower crown using fresh buds offers both visual appeal and the option to smoke your creation at the end of the night.

Whimsical Pipes


Planning on having a cannabis bar or need some last-minute bridesmaids gifts? These delicate pipes will punch up any table or wedding swag bag. The crystal option can fit an array of celebration themes, while the seashell pipe adds a touch of whimsy.

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