Marijuana and a gavel together for many legal concepts on the drug.

The constant growth of cannabis culture throughout the globe and new legalization policies have attracted many people into this community. This has not just created a heaven for cannabis enthusiasts, many entrepreneurs are turning into ganjapreneurs. Many companies are now developing various cannabis accessories for smoking, storing, crushing and other purposes. One tends to get very choosy when it comes to selecting a particular cannabis accessory.

A herb grinder or a crusher is an apparatus that is used to break down the bud into smaller particles and kief. This device is pretty handy when it comes to proper grinding of the herb to obtain optimum THC content. It eliminates the difficulties of breaking the buds with fingers that often remove the essential trichomes from the herb.

There are many types of cannabis grinders in the market today, each with its own feature and advantage. Here are the three basic types of herb grinders available in the market today.

Marijuana and a gavel together for many legal concepts on the drug, cannabis possession charges, cannabis grinders#1: Wooden Grinders

A wooden crusher or grinder is a work of art. Each grinder has its own design and carvings that appeal to the artistic side of the user. These fine craftsmanship products are pretty handy and can help you grind up those buds pretty well. The problem with a wooden grinder is you cannot use it for a very long time. If you are a regular smoker, this apparatus is not suited for you. The teeth of these grinders often tend to wear out and fall off. A wooden crusher also has moisture issues and doesn’t have a kief catcher.

#2: Acrylic Grinders

You just have to spend $5-$6 to get one of these babies. They are made of plastic and they last for a long time. You would find a whole bunch of these college hostels and dorm rooms considering its affordability and durability. Some say, the acrylic contaminates your herb. This isn’t true at all, as the material melts at 150 degrees. So as long as you’re not grinding in front of a stove, you’re fine.

Rear covers smartphone, weed accessories, cannabis grinders#3: Metal Grinders

These are some of the most effective cannabis grinders made for heavy use over a long time. These are made out of aluminum or titanium and last for 10 years even if you drop it every day. The apparatus has 4 sections that separate the flower from the kief. Sure, they’d be a tad costlier, but it would be a one-time investment for you.

Looking at these products, it can be assumed that making the right buy depends on how you’re going to use your cannabis grinders. Some like it natural and woody, some like the colorful acrylics and some prefer the full metal alchemists.

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