Can Marijuana Help Soothe Period Cramps?


Did you know that Queen Victoria medicinally used marijuana to help period cramps? That’s right, the stuffy lady with her nose in the air, even she had a smoke.

Just search the web and you’ll find more than enough recommendations on how to relieve these monthly pains. But most online sources won’t mention marijuana, unless you’re looking. Women make up over half the countries population and period cramps affect most women in their lifetime… so why aren’t we talking about this more?

(Psst, probably because female menstruation is treated as a cultural taboo…just like marijuana.)

Marijuana prohibition had largely wiped out this well-known cure. But women never forget the traditions that keep their bodies healthy and they’ve definitely not forgotten about marijuana’s benefits. Take Whoopi Goldberg’s recently released line of marijuana products specifically designed for tackling period symptoms. Whoopi & Maya sells everything from bath balms to chocolates. Or there’s Foria, a marijuana-infused vaginal suppository. Talk about sticking it to mother nature!

It’s well established at this point that marijuana is an effective pain reliever. It’s been known to reduce anxiety and induce calm. So it’s really a no brainer that this already tried-and-true method of pain relief works well for period cramps. It takes the edge off of mood swings while dulling the aches in your gut. What more can a woman ask for…besides a large pepperoni pizza, Strawberry LaCroix, the Star Wars Trilogy (there’s only one worth talking about), and a body pillow?

And knowing these facts well as I sat down to write this evening and my abdomen erupted into an immense throbbing…the kind as a women I could pinpoint within seconds. So, could I roll  up a joint, take a toke, and be pain-free? Well, according to many I can.

If you’re interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of what’s going on in the female body during menstruation, check out this study.

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