Yoga For Pot Heads: Yup – And It’s Actually Beneficial



Yoga For The Ultimate Pot Experience

KUSHA, the first Yoga with SubstanceTM educational luxury retreat company, has officially opened, with services aimed at educating clients on the physical and mental benefits of combining cannabis and yoga.

The founder and chief executive officer of KUSHA, Harleigh Reynolds, said, “For each destination retreat, KUSHA brings together two worlds: centuries-old medicinal and yoga principles from India and modern-day substance use. With the way we live and work these days, the new quiet is loud. To manage this imbalance and bring equilibrium to our lives, we can use our understanding of curated cannabis combined with yoga movements.”

The Must-Do For Every Yogi

KUSHA provides private consultations to meet the specific needs of each guest through the expertise of seasoned cannabis, yoga, and Ayurveda specialists. During each guest’s initial consultation, the kusha, a term for an individual’s suggested cannabis and yoga preference dependent on body type and disposition, is discovered and explored. As a result, balanced and intentional cannabis consumption is achieved and paired with prescriptive movement therapy, allowing for a mental state of peace and clarity. In addition, itinerary includes cannabis cooking classes, farm-to-table dining, educational tours of marijuana farms, and much more.

KUSHA’s first destination retreat will be held in Denver from December 30, 2016 to January 2, 2017, and is now accepting online reservations at


KUSHA applies traditional yoga principles to modern cannabis use at every luxury educational retreat. Explore personalized cannabis recommendations, tailored yoga instruction, and educational workshops, leading to a unique experience that will impact you for years to come. Join us in the heart of progressive cities, study under skilled teachers, and become part of our community that reaches out to look within.