White Fire OG: Perfect Strain For Pain Relief

A Cannabis bud that had been grown by hydrophonic process, white fire OG

Human beings have trained the cannabis plant for thousands of years now. Initially it started out as a magical plant that could cure pain and insomnia and give you a nice ‘high’. With time, views and opinions have changed. Cannabis has been the reason for debates, discussions and experiments around the world. Even though it is banned in majority of the nations, the cannabis culture is expanding at a fast pace.

There are two basic types of cannabis strains- the indica and the sativa. Both of them have different and varied uses. The purpose depends on the content of cannabinoids, namely cannabidiol (CBD) and THC present in the strain. Indica is mostly cultivated in India and other Asian countries whereas sativa is bred throughout Europe and USA. Cultivators and scientists and now generating hybrids of various cannabis strains to treat various diseases and illnesses. White Fire OG is one such strain.

A Cannabis bud that had been grown by hydrophonic process, white fire OGStrain Details

This strain is a cross between The White and Fire OG. The White has high THC content with buds that are structured like OG Kush. Fire OG on the other hand has high potency and is a heavy-hitting flower. This strain is said to be one of strongest in the OG family.

The THC content in White Fire OG can go over 20%.  On an average, this crystal coated strain can have about 22-30% THC. On smelling the bud, you may find a hint of some chemical acidity. On breaking and churning the bud, the scent increases. On smoking, you will feel an essence of earth and pine undertones embedded.

closeup of dried marijuana and handmade cigarette in ashtray, white fire OGEffects and Uses

This strain is said to have mixed effects of sativa and indica. The effects range from head to toe. You will not only feel a deep relaxing sensation, but also a heavy cerebral effect. The initial effect is a slight light-headedness. The indica effects increase as the high continues. Due to its high THC content and sativa properties, it will generate a strong kick in first time users.

White Fire OG is mostly being used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes in today’s world. Its high THC content promises the patients a relief from pains and aches and helps in complete body relaxation. More and more doctors are prescribing this strain for patients suffering from chronic pains and aches. This strain is also ideally suited for a calm weekend with friends or family.

In conclusion, this strain is by far the most potent OG out there and it is being used not only for therapeutic, but recreational purposes as well.