What are Cannabis Distillates?


The world of cannabis is constantly evolving. Where flower once reigned, it’s now dabs and concentrates that are typically preferred among cannabis connoisseurs. With a potency of almost 99 percent, cannabis distillates aren’t for those new to the marijuana scene. They’re as pure as it gets, with many considering cannabis distillates the future of cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis Distillates Take Concentrates to the Next Level

Concentrates typically separate cannabinoids like CBD and THC that creates a refined finished product that typically weighs in with around 15-25 percent THC. Distillates however, take things far beyond the traditional concentrates that have become so popular in recent years. These clear, clean products are made to contain up to 99 percent THC.

Both distillates and regular concentrates are created by an extraction process, which converts plant matter into a concentrated mixture. Distillates are made using a process known as “short path distillation.” This method separates and refines molecules and contaminants to produce one of the cleanest, clearest concentrates available.

Distillation is not a new technique. The ancients Greeks were distilling spirits thousands of years ago. Chemists in Egypt were practicing alchemy by distilling substances such as mercury, sulphur, and arsenic in order to turn them into gold.

Some might consider the distillation of cannabis turning the plant into liquid gold. Pure distilled THC concentrate is worth more than any other consumable substance available on the market. Cannabis distillates are after all, the purest, most untainted cannabis products available.

How Cannabis Distillates are Created

The process of cannabis distillation to make this “liquid gold” concentrate involves several layers of refinement that must take place. THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are first separated from the cannabis plant through CO2 solvent-based or hydrocarbon extraction methods. This removes the “good” compounds from the cannabis plant, leaving lipids, fats, and other compounds.

A process known as “winterization” then takes place, where a separate solvent is responsible for removing these unwanted compounds completely. The isolated cannabinoids also go through a process known as decarboxylation, which heats them to a point where their medical value then reaches its full possibility. The material lastly goes through a steam distillation or rational distillation process that purifies the compound into an isolated condition.

Short path distillation uses steam, heat, and vacuum distillation to control the boiling point of THC or CBD. Volatile compounds are further separated in this process, leaving behind less desired compounds. This process may take place several times until a pure sap laden with THC or CBD results.

Cannabis distillates are the purest, cleanest way to medicate with marijuana. They can be added to various formulas with total precision and used in several different ways. Cannabis distillates can be taken orally, sublingually, or inhaled like traditional dabs.

For those looking for the purest concentrates laden with the highest concentrations of THC or CBD possible, cannabis distillates could be a welcomed changed to your regular medical marijuana regime. While distillates may be harder to find, they are undoubtedly the most versatile and strongest concentrates available on the marijuana market.