Vapen Clear: The World’s First Cannabis Inhaler

cannabis inhaler, vapen clear, marijuana

The cannabis culture has changed over the years. Many better strains have been developed, consumption tactics have changed and it is being used for various purposes. In the past, marijuana was used mostly for getting stoned and in limited medical cases. In today’s world marijuana is being used to treat anything from diabetes to sickle cell anemia.

When cannabis is being consumed it generates a certain smell when being smoked. This has become a major issue for daily smokers to use cannabis discreetly. The issue was considered and a new invention was made. Vapen Clean, the first ever cannabis inhaler was launched in Arizona.

cannabis inhaler, vapen clear, marijuanaThe Innovation

From vaporizers to wax, users have relied on various intake techniques to consume cannabis. The cannabis inhaler though is the first of its kind. It looks exactly like an ordinary inhaler. It is small, compact and can be carried around in the pocket or in a small bag. The only difference is felt when you actually use it. Instead of the standard albuterol, a puff of THC is released when the piston is pushed.

The THC that is being pushed out of the inhaler isn’t vaporized or heated THC. This solves the issue of the weed smell. The inhaler directly jets the THC into your lungs, creating the ‘high’.

cannabis inhaler, medical marijuana, marijuana inhaler, weedThe Types

There are mainly three types of Vapen Clear in the market today- ‘Daytime’, ‘Nighttime’ and ‘Afternoon’. Each of them is composed of different strains. The daytime inhaler is made of sativa, as sativa is responsible for generating energy. The nighttime inhaler is composed of indica to generate a mellow and somnolent high. The afternoon strain is a hybrid of both that generates a steady buzz.

Each cannabis inhaler serves it purpose and can be inhaled anywhere, whether you’re at home or in public.

The Benefits

There are three main benefits of this inhaler. First, the obvious deception of it looking like an ordinary inhaler being used by asthma patients. Secondly, it doesn’t generate any odor since the device doesn’t heat the oil. Third, the size is very small and can be easily carried around.

Though this device is only sold in Arizona, its fame has spread throughout the world.


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