US Surgeon General Supports Medical Cannabis Research


Albeit might seem slow on the cannabis front at times, the times they are a changin’. Last week, at the National Black Caucus of state legislators, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams voiced his support of medical cannabis research. Adams believes cannabis should be “like any other drug.”

New US Surgeon General Wants the FDA to Study Medical Marijuana

“We need to let the FDA vet it, study it, vet it,” Adams said. “The FDA has actually approved cannabidiol oil and some derivitives of marijuana.”

At the conference, Adams expressed, “While I want to make sure we can get the ingredients of medical marijuana appropriately derived so that folks can access treatment, I also have concerns about encouraging folks to go out and smoke because there’s unintended consequences.”

While Adams says he supports medical marijuana research, he stands opposed to recreational use. “Marijuana is not one substance,” Adams explained. “It’s actually over 100 different substances, some of which benefit, some of which are harmful.”

Adams is right. There are over 100 different compounds in cannabis, but there is no research to date that says one cannabinoid is more dangerous than another.

Smoking Weed is Not Supported

It’s no secret that the Surgeon General opposes smoking cigarettes. There’s a warning from them on every pack in America. As might be expected then, Adams says he does not support the smoking of marijuana.

“How am I going to tell you not to smoke a cigarette, but I am going to tell you to pick up a joint? I can’t do, can’t do it. I don’t want 10 years down the road where we’re seeing an epidemic of lung cancer among folks who are smoking medical marijuana,” Adams said.

Scientists are still unsure if smoking weed actually leads to lung cancer or not. Some studies show conflicting results. While there are those that found evidence smoking weed causes lung cancer, there are others that find little or no connection between the two.

Whether or not it causes lung cancer or not, medical marijuana doesn’t have to be smoked. There’s plenty of ways to consume cannabis. Tinctures, salves, pills, and even suppositories are all alternatives to smoking medical weed.

Regardless of Adams’ views on smoking weed, he is in support of further research of medical cannabis. Perhaps this is what we’ve been waiting for and the US Surgeon General can be the one to help reschedule cannabis, allowing more research to be conducted on its seemingly endless benefits.