United Nations Conference Could Change the Regulation of CBD


A conference hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) begins in Geneva, Switzerland today that could change the fate of CBD around the world. The conference is a meeting with member of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD), who will discuss CBD, along with 16 other psychoactive substances.

UN Conference Will Review Potential of Certain Substances Including CBD

The goal is to review these substances for the potential they contain for abuse, dependence, and harm to health. Once this is determined, members will then make suggestions to UN Secretary General regarding possible policy changes to these substances.

HempMeds Mexico Exec Invited to Speak on Behalf of CBD

The United Nations invited HempMeds Mexico executive Raúl Elizalde to speak at the convention. He will speak on behalf of Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first publicly traded marijuana company in the US. HempMeds is part of the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family, and Elizalde is a renowned medical marijuana activist.

After he found that CBD helped his 10-year-old daughter who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy, Elizalde made it his mission to see the legalization of medical marijuana. He started the Por Grace Foundation, allowing him to further promote the use of CBD for patients. Elizalde has also held several public discussions and met with government officials throughout Mexico. He even joined Mexican President Pena Nieto on stage when Mexican medical marijuana reform was announced.

At the UN conference, Elizalde, who is “honored to be a part of this incredible opportunity” will speak about his personal experience using CBD for his daughter. He plans to recommend to leaders that they stop considering CBD psychoactive and remove it from the list of scheduled drugs.

“I am excited to speak with global leaders and urge them not to consider CBD psychoactive and not schedule it as a drug,” Elizalde said. “I hope they will consider CBD to be similar to vitamin C, a supplement that has a recommended daily dose, not a drug that needs to be scheduled.”

UN Conference Could Forever Change the Fate of CBD

If global leaders take to heart what Elizalde has to say, their decision could change the fate of CBD forever. According to a 1971 UN treaty, there are specified substances that should be regulated by member nations. This includes the US.

The conference will last Nov 6-10. If speakers like Elizalde can bring to light to the many benefits of CBD to the attention of UN leaders, the fate of medical marijuana could be (positively) changed forever.