UK Woman Praises Cannabis Oil for Shrinking Cancerous Breast Tumor


As the United Kingdom continues to debate medical marijuana, people in the UK continue to bring light to its benefits. Lin Coxon, personal assistant to MP Heather Wheeler, reports that cannabis oil is responsible for shrinking a cancerous breast tumor. Already scheduled to begin chemotherapy to shrink the 1.3-inch tumor, Coxon began looking for alternatives.

Curious About Cannabis Oil for Cancer, UK MP Personal Assistant Looks Towards Alternatives

Coxon had heard about cannabis oil and its positive effects on shrinking cancer cells. After researching more for herself, she found countless stories from others who had found success using cannabis oil for cancer.

“I did some reading,” Coxon said, “and saw there were reports that cannabis oil, which is available as a food supplement, could have beneficial effects so I decided I had nothing to lose.”

Even though medical marijuana is largely debated in the UK, CBD is legal. Coxon, who is directly tied to the UK Parliament, decided to try CBD before undergoing chemotherapy. She began her experiment with cannabis oil shortly after her tumor diagnosis in late June. In two months, her tumor had shrunk to a third of its original size.

Her doctors were stunned. Not only had the tumor shrunk considerably, but her lymph nodes also shrunk from over an inch to under half an inch. Before starting cannabis oil, Coxon was scheduled to undergo a long treatment with chemotherapy, as well as surgery to remove her lymph nodes.

Researchers Interested in Looking at Cannabis Oil Case More Closely

The results of Coxon’s treatment with cannabis oil have spurred interest in several professionals in the medical community. London University researchers are extremely interested in looking at Coxon’s results more closely. The university has been in contact with Coxon since her results with cannabis oil have gone public.

Coxon has decided to forgo chemotherapy for now. Her interests have turned to raising awareness about her experience, hopeful that others will turn toward cannabis oil as a possible alternative for others in a similar situation.

“I cannot say cannabis oil will work for anyone else, but my experience would seem to show it is worth trying,” Coxon said. “I feel people have nothing to lose especially if they are waiting for chemotherapy.”