Colorado State University to Look at Effects of Dabbing and Driving


Dabbing is undoubtedly one of the quickest and most effective ways of getting high. For those of you unfamiliar with dabbing, it’s basically heating up super-concentrated cannabis extracts (wax, shatter, dabs, and butane hash oil) and inhaling the vapor. For many teens and young adults, dabbing is today is common, and a lot of times preferred over smoking flower.

Dabbing and Driving Study Researchers Looking for “Experienced” Dabbers

Colorado State University researchers want to know how dabbing affects a person’s ability to drive. They recently receive funding to conduct the study, in the tune of almost $840,000. The three-year study will look at a variety of different factors that affect a person’s ability to drive once they’ve smoked dabs.

Researchers are looking for people who already dab to participate in the study. Rather than bring subjects to a controlled environment, researchers will meet them at their house. They’ve advertised for people experienced in dabbing to participate, and those who take place in the study will undergo tests after dabbing in their own home.

Researchers will park a van outside participants home, conduct a series of tests that will establish a sober baseline, have the participant return into their home, do their dabs, and then undergo tests again once they’ve consumed cannabis. Each person that participates in the study will do 10 separate rounds of tests.

Study to Look at Various Aspects of How Dabbing Affects Driving

One test will measure at how quickly a person can move their legs, similar to the motion of lifting the foot off the gas pedal. Another test will measure peak acceleration and reaction time. This will let researchers determine how quickly they’d be able to turn a steering wheel under the influence.

Those in charge of the study believe that by bringing the study to participants in this way, they can look for real-life observational insights. According to CSU faculty member working with researchers, Brian Tracy, “The subjects are doing what they would normally do, to themselves.”

Dabbing is clearly the most potent ways to consume cannabis. And while getting super baked and getting behind the wheel is never a good idea, people still do it every day. This study will try to shed some insight into the possible consequences.