Stop Aging With These Effective Anti Aging Remedies!

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If you are worried about wrinkles and crow’s feet, then you are aging. And what better way to slow the process than try natural anti – aging methods? Generally, the aging process is hastened by stress, pressure or excessive sugar or alcohol consumption. So, if you avoid them, you might not age as faster as you would. However, you need to also slow the natural aging process. Here are some of the ways in which you can do them.

Foods To Include In Your Anti Aging Diet

As you have guessed, the food you consume plays a key role in your lifestyle and aging process. So, if you are not too keen to use anti – aging drugs, you should include some special foods in your diet. Check out the ones you should haveRed strawberry in a bowl on wooden background, anti aging products

  • Berries – Berries are rich in anti – oxidant products. So, if you are looking to slow down the aging process, try out the colored berries. Blue, red or even strawberries would do
  • Anti – oxidant tea – Herbal teas have always been a good way to slow down the process of aging. So herbal or anti – oxidant tea is one of the must have ingredients in your anti – aging food list
  • Green Vegetables – Nothing can beat the fresh vitamins and minerals you get from fresh veggies. Since the aging process is caused by oxidation of the skin, consuming anti – oxidants would help. And green veggies do contain them
  • Herbs – Herbs like turmeric and garlic can be effective as anti aging methods because they contain anti – oxidants

Cool Refreshing Dark Amber Beer against a Background, anti aging methodsWhat NOT To Include In Your Diet

Well, now that you have the list of what to include in your diet, let’s see what you should skip

  • Alcohol – Well, it helps you to age faster, so better avoid it
  • Grains – Certain grains might speed up the process of skin oxidation, leading to wrinkled skin
  • Sugar – Sugar, be it refined or artificial promotes glycation, which is responsible for skin damage
  • Hydrogenated oil – Hydrogenated oil or trans fat can also lead to aging, heart attacks and cholesterol build up

Other Methods

Sometimes, changing your diet might not be effective in slowing the aging process. Other lifestyle changes should also be undertaken to maintain healthy skin

anti ageing computer button showing beauty concept, anti aging, anti aging methods#1: Sleep

Ever heard the term ‘beauty sleep’? ‘Beauty sleep’ is essential to avoid aging. So, one of the natural remedies would be to try sleeping at least 5 hours daily.

#2: Hydrate

Drinking water is also one of the ways to stop aging. So, even if you are trying out other anti aging process, you would need to drink at least 4 liters of water daily. Yes, doctors recommend 8 liters, but you need to increase slowly.

#3: Exercise

Only consuming food is not enough, you need to digest it too. Exercising properly would help you with that. Additionally, when you step outside, you would feel happy, which will also keep you healthy.

So, now that we know about these useful and effective anti aging methods, it is time to try them out. Do let us know, which one worked best for you!