Stoner Etiquette: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

girl putting joint in ashtray at crazy party, stoner etiquette, marijuana etiquette

Smoking weed is more of a ritual than an activity. You just don’t roll a blunt and smoke it up for the sake of it. There are hidden agendas and regulations behind it all. Say you have decided to smoke up every day with your core group of friends. There are some unspoken and unwritten rules of smoking cannabis. A person who doesn’t go by these rules isn’t a team player and shouldn’t be a part of the journey.

girl putting joint in ashtray at crazy party, stoner etiquette, marijuana etiquetteStoner etiquette is vital in a group smoking session and here are some rules and regulations, you just have to follow.

#1: Puff Puff Pass

A camper is a person who tends to sit on his pipe or joint. Nobody likes a camper. It is vital that you follow this basic rule. You take two hits from the toke and then pass it on. Don’t just sit and let it burn out. Everybody in the circle has to follow this pattern so that everybody gets an equal share.

#2: He Who Rolls, Sparks

This is unspoken stoner etiquette. The person who packs the bowl or rolls the joint, should be offered to light it fast. This is like a prize for all the labor. Whoever’s stash it is, the person who rolled the weed has to take the first hit. The person can give off his first free hit. Generally no stoner does that because the first hit is pure green herb without any ash.

#3: Right Is Wrong

When you’re smoking up in a group and you don’t know who to pass it to, never ask, ‘So who wants it?’ You just pass the joint or the bong on to the person to your left. In case of cannabis smoking, passing the joint to the right side is not customary. Just follow the way all your ancestors have been following.

stoner etiquette, marijuana etiquette#4: Deal with your Mess

You could end up getting high AF and dropping the bong on your friend’s carpet. Or you could burn your girlfriend’s handkerchief. Well, things like these happen to the best of stoners and there is no shame in it. Make sure though, that you clean your mess. If you’ve broken something, clean the place and replace it later.

#5: Everybody has to Pitch In

Smoking cannabis is very similar to playing football. Every player has to do his part and contribute to the team. Don’t keep your personal stash a secret and let your friends use up all their green. Sharing is caring, and in the world of cannabis its all about caring.

There is no cannabis smoking rule book. Nobody has put these rules forward. You won’t go to jail for not following them. These are just basic rules and regulations that every stoner etiquette list should have and should follow.