Recreational Sales Is Beginning- Here’s What Californians Need To Know Before It Starts!


Top marijuana companies are already set up in different parts of California. But, is there anything that still is untouched from the customers and maybe even the companies? Well, the state has just begun the recreational sales. And, there is something that each Californian must know before it actually begins. Months before the recreational sales begun and for this the state has launched an education campaign about the drug, which even includes highlighting and focusing on the potential harms of marijuana. The education is especially for kids and pregnant women, who can harm themselves the most with this medicinal plant.
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What the Program is all about?

It started on Jan 2nd, 2017, which is to grow and sell marijuana for recreational purposes in the state. The aim is to expand the recreational program, which will allow people to use cannabis for different medical purposes.

For this, the government even created a website that will really be helpful in educating the Californians about the cannabis and its possible effects on them. Even the right way to purchase it and take it home safely is what will be discussed in the program.

The program commits itself to offer all the information that can allow them to use cannabis safely. Medical use of Marijuana is no more hidden from us. But, with this program, you will even be able to understand the deepest points of the marijuana for a safe and secure use.

Let’s Talk Cannabis!

Yes, this is the name of the website that will provide you all the information regarding the right use of cannabis. The website says that it is totally illegal for people under 21 to buy or use cannabis. So, it is a warning to all the minors on the website to halt the usage of cannabis, if they are already into it. The addiction of drugs among minors may lead to some physical changes in the brain that may result in some negative long-term effects on both the mind and the body.

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The website even speaks of marijuana edibles. It says that marijuana edibles may have a high concentration of THC. This can simply increase the risk of poisoning in the body.

Appeal to the Parents and Teachers

Let’s Talk Cannabis appeal the guardians to discuss drugs with their children. The state emphasizes on both the legal and health issues that always surrounds marijuana. The website even tells about those reasons why no women, especially pregnant women must use the cannabis. All the reasons to stop the usage of drugs during pregnancy and its disadvantages to the body and baby are mentioned on the website.

The information on the website is purely accurate and every Californian must read this before proceeding with the usage of Cannabis. Top marijuana companies are also supporting this information and knowledge that will surely help thousands of people.

top marijuana companies

What do the Figures Say!

43% Californians have used cannabis for recreational use and 54% still haven’t. The reaction to the usage of cannabis was mixed. Some believed that they would use this again, while some others were just happy to pass it.

The state said that driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and boosts the chances of accidents. So, it should be stored in a safe place, where no pets or children can reach easily.