After America saw a change in leadership, it seems some of the laws of the state might also undergo changes. Nevada, recently enacted new laws on Tuesday legalizing recreational cannabis.

Cannabis Marihuana mit Papier und Joint zum drehen Drogen Rauschmittel als Nahaufnahme, recreational cannabis, cannabis legalization NevadaAccording to reports, from Jan. 1, 2017, citizens of age 21 and above will be able to possess and consume a maximum of one ounce of marijuana, reported KTNV. The reason for this late enactment was perhaps because the state needs time to sort out the legalization process.

According to Matthew Gardiner, the VP of Shango Cannabis, the state might need 3 to 8 months to iron out rules to regulate the consumption of recreational cannabis and the industry. Unfortunately, until then, you cannot buy pot for recreational use from a dispensary.

Additionally, once you buy recreational cannabis, you cannot smoke outside. The only places allowed are indoor locations at private homes. No casinos or hotel rooms can allow recreational marijuana uses.

“This is something that will bring in new tourists and hopefully revive some older properties that are on the outskirts or some of these motels that are closed down,” said Joe Brezny. Brezny is one of the supporters of legalization of marijuana in Nevada.

recreational cannabis, cannabis legalization in Nevada, Nevada cannabis legalizationMarijuana Legalization Background

Notably, US states have been fighting for the legalization of recreational marijuana recently.  California was perhaps the first state to approve the request of its voters by legalizing recreational marijuana in 1996.  However, the state imposes a 15% sales tax on the product, in addition to its cultivation.

The second state to approve the legalization of marijuana was Massachusetts. The law was reframed in 2012, allowing both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Moreover, in 2008, a ballot measure replaced the criminal penalties with civil penalties for adults who possessed an ounce of marijuana or less.

Presently, other states like Maine,  and Arizona are awaiting the legalization of marijuana, but it is hoped that this will soon be approved.