Quick Tip. Here is how you can get rid of Cannabis from your System.

How to flsuh cannabis out of your system
How to flsuh cannabis out of your system

Having a lot of marijuana in your body can sometimes be bad for you. Having your own routine that you can use to flush cannabis out of your system can come in handy when the situation requires it. I know, you might be thinking that cannabis is a great drug with a lot of amazing benefits, why would anyone want to even flush it out soon after taking it in?

To answer the above question, I will have to start by reminding you that the concept of Medical Marijuana is still virgin. Although it’s receiving a fair share of publicity, most people are not yet fully embracing it as it comes and according to them, if they are to find out that you use marijuana, trust me, they won’t think about all the health stuff we tell each other, they will assume that your reason for using it is getting high and doing some irresponsible stuff in the process.

Yes, it is really frustrating but remember, we can’t win a revolution in a single day.

There are still some companies that make drug tests mandatory and having marijuana in your system can prove catastrophic as it can lose you a potential job. Some further situations might also arise that will require you to flush cannabis out of your system where knowing how to actually do it might come in handy.

Now on to flushing cannabis out of your system. If you’ve ever done this for alcohol, you should probably be aware of the fact that whenever you take a drug or any form of substance in your body, certain chemical susbstances known as metabolites are released.

In the case of cannabis, the metabolites released are known as THC-metabolites, the THC coming from Tetrehydrocannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in Cannabis.

When testing for Cannabis, scientists take your urine samples and look for these metabolites in the urine.

To be able to flush marijuana out, you’ll firstly need to know that the half-life of THC-metabolites is 7 days. By half-life, I’m referring to the total time it takes for the total quantity of THC-metabolites in your body to decrease by 50%. This sounds like bad news because if you calculated accurately, you saw that it takes an approximate of 27 days for these metabolites to be taken out of your system.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to flush marijuana out of your system in less time via the old fashioned way. This is a method recommended especially when you have an important drug test that you should pass. If you are not in a rush, then forget this crazy method, go home and abstain from joints for 1 month, you would have flushed it out.

If you have a drug test, let’s say tomorrow, you will need to drink water, at least 3 litres the day before then 1.5 litres on the day of the test and use a detox drink such as Rescue cleanse. The water in this case will help in dilute your urine so that the overall concentration of the THC-metabolites in your urine is reduced. The detox drink helps cover up this dilution helping you pass your drug test and overall flush cannabis out of your system.

You might be questioning why use the detox water to cover up the diluted urine? The water dilution method has been used for ages now and drug testers are certainly aware of it, they’ll be on the lookout especially if you have clear urine. Remember clear urine=more water. So in addition to masking the dilution take some Vitamin B supplements, they’ll make your urine yellow thus lowering suspicion.

Lastly, you may be addicted to marijuana and looking for solutions to help deal with the addiction, I recommend this article.