It seems that Marijuana business in Colorado is taking a new turn now. As per the sources, the ban on gummy bears and other edible marijuana products has started. Yes, a ban has been imposed on edible marijuana products that shape like animals. Kids appealing marijuana products are produced no more. The step may affect the marijuana business in Colorado, but this is a great step in the favor of kids and their parents.

Marijuana business in Colorado
Marijuana business in Colorado

The Change is Dramatic – Colorado Cannabis Companies

This entire switch has become less dramatic for cannabis companies in a way. Be it packaging, labeling, or shaping the products; the edible marijuana products that appeal kids in any way is affecting them. So, to settle the concerns like fascination towards yummy-looking products, thinking of eating these products and then getting sick, the edible pot gummy bears are now banned.


Colorado Cannabis Companies
Colorado Cannabis Companies

Catchy Products Entices the Kids

Marijuana medical benefits are no more hidden from anyone. But, the marijuana industry doesn’t want the kids to catch the toddler’s eye that can actually harm them. People in Colorado consider pot gummy bear nothing but poison for the kids. They not just get fascinated by these products, but also swallow anything that matches the shape of these marijuana products, be it the household cleaners or prescription medicines. In short, anything that looks like candies attracts the kids.

Saving Kids from Accidents is the Priority!

Besides knowing the marijuana medical benefits, people have banned it here. So, the concerned parties have put saving kids from such accidents the number one priority now. The Government has seriously restricted the production of the pot stuff that can look appealing to the kids.

New Rules Set- Be Ready Edible Marijuana Companies!

he lawmakers of Colorado have approved the ban on marijuana edibles for kids back in 2016. Marijuana business in Colorado is on the new road now. The products will be so packed that they are not mistaken by kids, especially those falling under the age of 21.

Marijuana business in Colorado
Marijuana business in Colorado

Even the amount of THC is under supervision in all the marijuana products now, no matter if it is for kids or adults. THC can create the feeling of high, which is to be checked before releasing into the market.
Right now, marijuana users have to figure out the actual level of THC in the products. This will help them in staying away from the products that contain a higher amount of THC. So, before these products for adults with high THC affects them, it is better to supervise and control its quantity in the products.

The Verdict

Marijuana business in Colorado is flourishing. Of course, marijuana companies will make their way to success, but what is to be controlled is the production of marijuana products that entice the kids.