10 Most Popular Sativa Strains Available Right Now

Female scientist in a hemp field checking plants and flowers, alternative herbal medicine concept, popular sativa strains,

Unity in diversity is probably the most appropriate phrase for the world today. Different people want different things. For some it’s their morning espresso. Some prefer herbal tea as their wake up call. Then there is the stoner population.

Female scientist in a hemp field checking plants and flowers, alternative herbal medicine concept, popular sativa strains,Here is a list of the 10 most popular sativa strains in the market today.

#1: Amnesia Haze

Predominant mostly in the US and Netherlands, this strain is ideal for the ear-to-ear experience. Amnesia Haze has psychedelic effects on the human brain. Users tend to ‘drift’ in a colorful happy world.

#2: Harlequin

This is a high CBD sativa strain and its ratio to THC is 5:2. This strain is famous for its psychoactive effects and the calming sensation it provides. It is an ideal strain for patients who need to medicate during the workday.

cannabis background macro close up, popular sativa strains#3: Purple Haze

Named after the Jimmy Hendrix song, this is one of the most popular sativa strains. It has a strong cerebral effect and the users exist in a state of energetic euphoria and vivid imagination. The THC content is almost 20% and therefore new users should take precautions.

#4: Alaskan Thunder F*ck (ATF)

If you haven’t tried ATF, you’re missing out. This sativa has existed since the 1970s. Users of this strain have said it is like a strong cup of coffee only with more calming effects.

#5: Super Lemon Haze

With its citrus aroma, this sativa is perfect for a calming and relaxing trip. It will increase your mental energy and make you a lot more creative.

closeup of marijuana joint and buds on a checkerboard table with a shallow depth of field, popular sativa strains#6: Shipwreck

This is a new strain created by crossing trainwreck and mothership. This is a safe bet for first time users as THC content is only 12-15%.

#7: Strawberry Cough

This is a mellow sativa with about 15-18% THC. It is good for providing a relaxed and uplifting high.

#8: Durban Poison

Originated in Durban, South Africa, this has a whopping 22% THC. It is said to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. It is used in treatment of type 2 diabetes.

#9: Super Sour Diesel

If you are feeling blue, this is the sativa for you. This is a creative strain and will uplift your artistic side and keep you happy and satisfied.

#10: Dr. Grinspoon

Named after the famous Harvard Cannabis activist, this is another pure sativa. Users undergo cerebral euphoria and creative uplifting.

These are some of the popular sativa strains you ought to have in your bucket list or perhaps your pouch.