Peru is the Latest Latin American Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Peru has officially been added to the list of Latin American countries who have legalized medical marijuana. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski signed a bill last week that legalized cannabis and cannabis-derived products to treat several different medical conditions including Parkinson’s, cancer, and epilepsy.

Peru Welcomes Medical Marijuana

This is a monumental move on Peru’s part, and it comes as a welcomed change in medical policy to countless citizens of this South American country. Until now, people in Peru seeking medical marijuana have only been able to attain it on the black market.

President Kuczynski stands strongly behind the new initiative, stating, “Peru is turning several pages, moving toward modernity.”

He also added the country is “breaking with a myth,” indicating the long-standing assumption that cannabis is a dangerous drug.

Several Peruvian Medical Marijuana Advocates Have Pushed for Legalization

There have been several organizations in Peru pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana. These include members of Congress, as well as mothers who have sought out medical cannabis to save their children.

Buscando Esperanza (Seeking Hope) is a collective who pushed hard for the bill to be passed. It is a group made up of mothers, all of whom need marijuana to treat their children with illnesses that cannabis helps control. In late September, members of Buscando Esperanza took to the streets in a march that favored the use of medical marijuana in Peru.

In this march, they voiced their opinion that aside from the need for legal access to medical marijuana, patients should have the ability to grow their own medicine. Chants rang loudly through crowded streets expressing their concern.  “¡Autocultivo es la solución, por eso le decimos no a la importación!”…“Homegrown is the solution, we say no to importation!”

Peru’s Medical Marijuana Laws Have Yet to Be Revealed

What laws will be enacted remains yet to be seen. President Kuczynski has made it clear that “the government is in charge of supervising the operation of the law.”

Now that Kuczynski has signed the bill, Congress has 60 days to work out regulations. Will patients be able to use flower freely, or will they be subject to stricter laws like we’ve seen with Florida’s medical cannabis scene?

Peruvian citizens will soon find out. Regardless of what laws are initially enacted, this is still a giant step forward in global medical marijuana legalization.