New Report Finds Women Smoke More Weed Than Men

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If you think more men smoke weed than the ladies, think again. A new report has found that it’s women who are smoking the most weed, not the other way around. The Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) recently released a 2017 study that a “higher” number of consume cannabis as compared to their male counterparts.

Report Shows Women Smoke Significantly More Weed Than Men

The report is grounded in an anonymous survey of 537 cannabis consumers across the United States. While men and women from all 50 states took place in the survey, the majority of respondents were from those in recreational and/or medical states. It found that 58.35 percent of women used cannabis compared to 41.65 of men. Even though men are more likely to take place in these surveys, the girls still beat out the guys by more than 15 percent.

The CCC report reported that women cannabis consumers “mirror national trends and statistics in traditional markets, where women make the majority of purchasing decisions, including 80 percent of family health care decisions.”

Women Are a “Force to Be Reckoned With” In the Cannabis Industry

These women might be a mother deciding to use cannabis to help her child with epilepsy. A grandmother who has used cannabis medicinally for years. With medical cannabis use dramatically increasing across the country, and women responsible for making the majority of household medical decisions, the predominance of women consuming more cannabis becomes quite clear.

CEO and founder of CCC said, “A lot of women have this family recipe, or they were making a certain kind of tincture for a loved one that was suffering. Now that pot is legal, they’re like ‘Wow, that thing you were making for grandma could become a real product.’”

The study also found that “the fact there are more women cannabis consumers than previously thoughts shows women are a force to be reckoned with in the new industry on a multitude of levels.”

Other Studies Show Opposing Results

Other studies are a mixed bag. Some reports claim that men consume more cannabis, while others still point towards women smoking the most weed. Some studies have shown that ladies build a tolerance to cannabis quicker than men, which could have a lot to do with why they’re smoking more weed. Another study showed that women are more likely to abuse weed than men.

As with all things cannabis, more research is needed to conclude if women really do smoke more weed than men. For now, however, it looks like it’s the ladies who are lighting up more.