New Lakeland Clinic Dedicated to Cannabis Treatment


Cannabis treatment is what most of the people are wishing for in Colorado. Dr. Aida Cuascut-Reyes in Lakeland says that she is haunted by the screeches of the patients who were suffering from rectal cancer. The excessive pain that made these patients suffer is the reason why she always feels terrified.

Cannabis treatment

 Doctors Hoping to Use More of Marijuana Treatment in the Coming Years  

Dr. Aida prays for all those women who are no more because of the all such excruciating diseases. She wishes that all such patients were treated with marijuana. Based on all her experiences and the way these patients were treated, even other doctors think that these women who died would have gone through less pain if marijuana was there to treat them.

New Lakeland Clinic Dedicates itself to the Cannabis Treatment

Cuascut-Reyes will be the main doctor at a New Lakeland Clinic that is known for the medical use and treatment of marijuana. This is the ninth and perhaps the latest office that is operated by the Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida. People are saying this will be the first medical facility in Polk County which is completely dedicated to the marijuana treatment. It was back in November that they become eligible to treat patients with marijuana.

Cannabis in Colorado seems to be using more as a medicine now.

Doctors here believe that the patients need more of the marijuana treatment, which otherwise was never an option until now. And, with this clinic dedicating completely to the marijuana treatment is a sign and hope that no one will have to go through the pain of all such pathetic diseases, which they were doing it in the past.

 Training for Doctors in Lakeland

But for making it completely safe for people, doctors will have to go through some training program, which will help the patients in treating the patients with super ease. So, before the doctors prescribe marijuana as medicine to patients, undergoing this training program will be a must.

Almost 20 of such doctors have undergone training in the Polk County.