New Colorado Cannabis Regulations Set for 2018


Colorado wants to make the state safer for cannabis consumers and entrepreneurs alike in 2018. A long list of updates (hundreds of pages) are set to take place in the coming year, with many established to fill in the gaps of both medical and recreational marijuana regulations.

New Colorado cannabis regulations for 2018 will take place on a number of different levels, and many believe these changes are a long time coming. New testing requirements will not only call for more frequent testing, but will also ensure that recalls don’t need to be made.

Not long ago, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) was forced to recall some products from the Tree of Wellness and Starbuds. Lawmakers want to make sure this doesn’t have to happen again. 

According to Mike Hartman, executive director of MED, “These rules help to ensure that all marijuana that comes into the market is not contaminated, accurately labeled, and stays out of the hands of children.”

Hartman went on to add that the new rules set for 2018 will give more opportunity for research and development. He expressed that this will help the state and the cannabis industry maintain an emphasis on public safety.

Part of these safety measures include new packaging and labeling requirements. New requirements are relatively strict however, business will have six months to transition current packaging to meet new requirements. New packaging will be designed to make it more difficult for children to access cannabis edibles.

One of the new laws will allow organizations to publicly register marijuana research products. Those with cannabis businesses will be able to apply for licenses for both public and private research projects. The program was enacted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and will require transfers of marijuana intended for research to be controlled under the states present inventory tracking system.

Changes will also take place on a smaller level. Some of these changes will enable cannabis businesses to operate more effectively, with one bill (HB17-192) aimed to implement additional provisions to such establishments. Another (HB17-1034) will look at licensing changes to the medical marijuana code.

New rules were set in place in Colorado to keep both medical and recreational marijuana programs running smoothly. The MED plans to maintain whatever updates are needed to ensure a bright future for the regulation of Colorado cannabis.