Microdosing Marijuana: How Small Doses of Cannabis Can Add to the Experience


Over the last couple of years microdosing has become somewhat chic among people in Silicon Valley. By taking small doses of psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin, these young professionals report creativity and focus are heightened. Microdosing is favored by those with master’s and business degrees, and people doing it are finding a new world open up in regard to performance and overall wellbeing.

Microdosing marijuana is also becoming popular, particularly with those who want to cut down their intake or try pot for the first time. For people interested in trying marijuana, microdosing can be an awesome introduction.

What is Microdosing Marijuana?

Microdosing marijuana involves taking small amounts of cannabis throughout the day, rather than getting super stoned in a single sitting. Microdosing with marijuana can offer a lot of the medical benefits of THC-dominant strains, without the strong psychoactive effects it typically elicits.

Too much of anything can lead to serious imbalance. This includes high amounts of marijuana. A lot of people don’t even think about the benefits of microdosing small amounts of marijuana, mainly because they haven’t heard about it. Most people are unaware that microdosing is even a thing. And while it’s typically associated with psychedelics, a lot of people are finding that its benefits extend further than originally thought.

Microdosing marijuana can be extremely beneficial when done on a daily basis. It’s obviously going to be different than taking small doses of stronger psychedelics like LSD. The effects however, offer a subtle shift in perception.

Microdosing marijuana offers users a head change…without getting them “high.” Those with experience microdosing cannabis have expressed how a “sub-psychoactive dose” can help with focus, creativity, and stress reduction. Small doses of cannabis also offer medicinal effects and can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain.

What is the Best Dosage for Microdosing Weed?

Microdosing is different for everyone. People who are accustomed to consuming cannabis everyday will need higher doses than someone trying pot for the first time. Each person reacts differently to cannabis. Microdosing is highly individual, and the only way to really understand how much is to try it for yourself.

Microdosing for Regular Cannabis Consumers

Those who are accustomed to consuming cannabis regularly can find a new world awaits when they begin microdosing. It’s completely different than consuming copious amounts of cannabis, offering a subtle shift rather than an intense high. It’s recommended that people who smoke pot regularly and want to begin microdosing take a 48-hour break before beginning. Doing so can reset the endocannabinoid system, bringing receptors back to baseline levels in the brain.

After this 2-day period of abstinence is completed, users can then reintroduce cannabis back to the system in small amounts. It’s important to remember the goal isn’t to get stoned. It’s to consume just enough cannabis that there is a (slight) noticeable shift in perception. Beginning with one milligram is a good starting point, but will vary depending on tolerance levels and THC content.

Once a dose is found that helps offers the slightest change in perception, it’s recommended users stay with that for a few days. If you feel you need to increase the amount you’re consuming after the first few days, definitely do so until you find that sweet spot. For experienced smokers, this is typically 1-3 milligrams a day.

Microdosing Marijuana for First-Time Cannabis Consumers

If you’re new to cannabis, microdosing can be the perfect place to start. You’re not going to get stupid stoned. And you’re not likely to be overcome with anxiety, which is common even with veteran cannabis consumers. It’s recommended that people trying cannabis for the first time start with a balanced ratio of one milligram THC and one milligram CBD.

First time cannabis users can then increase this amount (staying with the 1:1 ratio) until they notice a subtle shift in perception. Once again, when the sweet spot is found, it’s suggested that consumers stay with this amount for a few days. For those without access to CBD strains, one milligram of THC spread throughout the day can be a good reference point for starting out.

Microdosing is something that can literally change the relationship a person has with cannabis. Not only is it an excellent way to cut back on consumption, but is the perfect place to start for those new to pot. When it comes to modern weed consumption, less is the new more.