Medical marijuana companies have always been in demand. And, this time Sebastopol has received the second sales outlet for medical cannabis. But, as this happened, there was no pungent smoke in the air, nor were the other bold trappings! Only a few bunch of white and green balloons for the opening ceremony of the Sebastopol’s second medical cannabis dispensary.

Medical marijuana companies
Medical marijuana companies

What Else this New Dispensary Experienced?

A bunch of folks lounged and sampled snacks in the lobby of the clean, bright, and sophisticated premises was all that was seen at the dispensary. The goods were also displayed clearly and neatly as if they were in some sort of conventional pharmacy. Everything was clearly visible through the glass doors at the dispensary.

Emi Melrod Showed Off His Wares

Medicinal plants and their uses have always been experienced in the city. And, it seems that Emi Melrod is also ready to show off his wares. He is the newly minted marijuana entrepreneur who was attending the opening ceremony of this second medical cannabis dispensary. For the unversed, there is much more to marijuana than just mind-blending weed.

Medicinal plants and their uses
Medicinal plants and their uses

To the right was the retail room that displayed topical, salves, and creams, which are able to relieve the pain that can happen due to any disease including arthritis. The tinctures were placed right under the tongue to ensure the fastest delivery of the cannabis to the bloodstream.

Edibles it is!

They come in the edible from such as cashews, almonds, chocolates, miso broth, and even gel capsules for those who want more of that pharmaceutical feeling. The left wall completely gets down to the flowers. This area was displaying 18 strains of marijuana along with one card, which was showing the description of the product clearly. Folks could read the name of the flower, the farm that grew it, and even other technical details about the plant. Sampling was allowed of the fresh flowers, which were kept in the amber glass jar.

Medical marijuana
Medical marijuana

One of the strains called Fruit Loop is a heavy hitter, which has a higher amount of THC and is used only when heavy pain is to be relieved. Melrod who is just 23 chooses Sebastopol for his enterprise along with the co-founder named Peter Dickstein, who is 62.

He loves this place and wants to put his roots down here. After all, this is the sort of place that’s already too much health conscious.

Medical Marijuana Supported

Medical marijuana is likely to get support from the entire Sebastopol. The proof of this place embracing medical cannabis is the opening of the former Peace in Medicine Dispensary in 2007. The same has then been merged with SPARC, which is a San Francisco-based dispensary.

The Verdict!

The medical marijuana is likely to get the support from this entire town. Medical cannabis has a long way to go in the town hereafter.