Weediquette: Secret Cannabis Medical Oil Production

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Cannabis is wonder plant. It has a solution to almost all problems and issues pertaining to life. On one hand it is used recreationally to help one relax and relieve stress. On the other hand, cannabis is being used therapeutically and medicinally. Doctors and scientists from all over the world have run several tests and experiments to determine the capability of marijuana. Cannabis now helps treat patients suffering from diseases like ADHD, schizophrenia, gastrointestinal disorder, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, chronic pains etc. Inspite of the ban, more and more people are being incorporated into the cannabis culture for this sole reason.

medical cannabis oil, cannabis oil, cannabis medical oilThe UK has had a ban on Cannabis for a very long time. People have revolted and conducted several debates and non-cooperation acts against the government to legalize weed. This has forced people to resort to illegal means of selling cannabis and cannabis medical oil. The large demand of cannabis and its products have forced workers in the illegal market to work even harder.


This is a documentary television series that airs on Viceland. The show follows the host and Vice correspondent, Krishna Andavolu as he travels the world and chronicles his findings on the economic, social and legalization aspects of weed.

medical cannabis oil, cannabis medical oil, hemp oil, medical marijuana, cannabis oilWeediquette started out in the year 2013 and has one season with eight episodes in it. Soon after its launch, it gained international fame due to its content and direction. In one instance in 2014, Krishna interviews Uruguayan President Jose Mujica as he smokes a joint made out of weed from the President’s farm.

Some people refer to the Weediquette team as ‘Robin Hood and his band of marauders’. Towards the end of the clip, Hydra admitted that they had given out an average of 20,000lbs of cannabis flower and cannabis medical oil every week.

The purpose of this initiative was not to get more people stoned. The writers and producers developed it so that more people understand the benefits of marijuana and can use it to treat themselves.

What the Future Holds

Though the possibility of the UK removing the ban on cannabis seems bleak, people still haven’t lost hope. According to Krishna, the illegal medical cannabis users of today will alleviate the cannabis market once it’s been legalized in the UK. Cannabis in UK has an underground economy that is as big as the economy of cannabis in Colorado.

So even though the future holds no promises, cannabis and cannabis medical oil will continue to flourish in the underground markets of the UK.