Medical Cannabis Market in Australia

Australia has recently passed a law to allow the use of cannabis for medical, scientific and research purposes.

Although the usage of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes is controversial. There is a history of using medical cannabis plant across many cultures and countries dating back to thousands of years. As per the state based criminal laws, the recreational cultivation and use of cannabis plant are still prohibited. However, considering the evidence available regarding potential benefits including cannabis for chronic pain, CBD oil for seizures and cannabis oil medical uses, some countries have legalized the cultivation and usage of the cannabis plant.

Australia has recently passed a law to allow the use of cannabis for medical, scientific and research purposes.
Medical Cannabis in Australia

Cannabis is a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs available in the market. Its various medicinal properties can greatly relieve patient’s sufferings and pain. For many years, cannabis has known to treat ailments. These include malaria, gout and intestinal worms etc. Moreover, scientists have discovered that cannabis cannot only treat but kill cancer. It stops and reverses the damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. It can also cure Gloucoma, arthritis, epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Dravet syndrome, hepatitis C, night terrors, strokes and anxiety. These are just a few conditions that cannabis plant can treat, there are so many still to explore.

Australia has recently passed a law to allow the use of cannabis for medical, scientific and research purposes. Under the act, the companies, which could grow the plant must comply with the state as well as territory drug legislation to ensure that the cultivation is in accordance with Therapeutic Goods Administration. Health minister Sussan Ley said, “changes to law give patients and doctors access to a safe, reliable and legal source of cannabis for medicinal use”.

Legalisation of Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain 

Australian Government has allowed the patients having a valid prescription to use cannabis manufactured legally in Australia. The prescription requirements vary state by state depending on how many states have legalized medical cannabis. In Queensland, specialist can prescribe it for patients without any age limit, whereas in New South Wales it is only available for adults. In Victoria, it is available for children suffering from epilepsy. For WA, doctors can prescribe it but under strict conditions.

Australian drug regulator has granted the first license to a Queensland based company to grow and supply medical cannabis and its product. The company is not only allowed to cultivate cannabis but also to make cannabinoid medical products. This local supply of cannabis will help the patients as they won’t have to wait months to get access to it. The local cultivation will be available from the next year and until then the government has allowed authorised companies to sell and store the imported drug.

Cannabis plant used for medicinal purposes is safer than alcohol and other legal prescription drugs. Its legal sale thus will help patients get relief from their health condition, where the patients will no longer have to wait for months for the drug.
How to get medical cannabis? In past, doctors were importing it, which was a long process as it required authorisations and had a long waiting process. However, it will be easier now to import the plant and cannabis based medicines as there will be relaxation on import laws until there is sufficient local supply to meet the demand.