Glaucoma & Marijuana: How Does Marijuana Treat Glaucoma?


Marijuana is a natural herb, which has been known for many cures. However, sometimes, we get confused with the benefits of recreational and medical marijuana.  Glaucoma, which is an eye problem, can cause the optic nerve connecting your sensory organ to be damaged. Additionally, if you leave glaucoma untreated for long, it might lead to permanent blindness. However, with the help of marijuana, you can reduce its effects. Your optometrist knows how marijuana treat glaucoma effectively, and its time you know that too!

marijuana treat glaucoma, marijuana, glaucoma, medical marijuana, It has been noted that the eye pressure or the intraocular pressure is what causes damage to the optical nerve in Glaucoma patients. Medical marijuana when induced in the correct dosage can lower the eye pressure within a couple of hours.

In addition, Glaucoma also causes damage to the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain. Since the optic nerves are irreplaceable and responsible for vision, it is important to protect it. Marijuana treat glaucoma because it also lowers the blood pressure, in addition to lowering the weight of the eyes.

What Dose of Marijuana Treat Glaucoma?

Studies have been conducted since 1970 on the medical benefits of marijuana and its ability to treat different ailments. Generally, with the correct dosage of marijuana, you can lower your eye pressure for three to four hours. Yes, the process is temporary, but the duration depends on the different types of strains you use. This is because each strain comarijuana treat glaucoma, glaucoma treatment, medical marijuanantains different amount of THC or tetrahydracannabidol, which is responsible for marijuana’s medical properties. Additionally, since the effect varies from person to person, it is impossible to predict how long the alleviated condition will last for you or an individual.

Side Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana can be used for recreational purpose, and also for medicinal purpose. It depends on you to decide how you want to use it. Additionally, depending on the strains that you use, the health conditions or ailments that you suffer from can be alleviated.  However, there is also a flip side of the coin, albeit smaller than your average prescription drugs.

Since patients suffering from Glaucoma are over 60, or older, they tend to be forgetful. However, adding marijuana to the mixture also makes them more forgetful. Additionally if you smoke weed, you can see a visible damage of your lungs. Patients suffering from asthma should not try marijuana treat glaucoma tretament. Moreover, marijuana if not provided in the correct dosage can cause you to get stoned. That is not particularly the outcome you would want for yourself.

However, as with everything, there is a solution to this. You can go to a medical marijuana dispensary and get glaucoma drops for yourself. Although it does not alleviate the condition, yet it provides temporary relief. Depending on the stages of glaucoma, your physician can provide you with medical marijuana. However, it is better to consult your physician if you are planning to switch to medical marijuana to alleviate your condition.