Marijuana as Medicine- Science supports Weed Growth on the Eve of 7th Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup


Marijuana as medicine is growing in every other corner of the world slowly. And, it is even giving Saskatchewan doctors a medical basis to prescribe the same as the major option for the treatment.

Earlier it was not easy for the doctors to prescribe the same because of the lack of the facts and figures. But, now things have changed. There is no option of ignoring marijuana for medical purposes, as the benefits that are enjoyed with this can’t be experienced anywhere else.
medical benefits of marijuana

Now, What has Changed?

Well, that has changed now. And, the scenario for the pot industry is not the same anymore. The college named Saskatchewan Medical Association and the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons are now expressing their support for this very weed.

What are the Reports Saying?

Back in January, a report was published on the health effects of the cannabis and cannabinoid. It was proved in reports the medical benefits of marijuana and how it treats people. There was a substantial evidence of the same as well. Clearly, the patients suffering from Chemotherapy including nausea and multiple sclerosis spasticity symptoms were treated with the use of cannabis.

Even Bryan Salte believes that these were certainly the best resources to confirm that marijuana is a medicine.


The American Report says that the health effects of marijuana and cannabinoid are clear. With the summarization of the reports, it was clear that the cannabis is an effective substance for the treatment of many diseases and disorders.
marijuana as medicine

The science has evolved and Saskatchewan doctors are now prescribing cannabis to almost everyone who can be treated. Salte believed that there are 6400 patients in the province who are given the prescription of marijuana by the doctors here. Even those who are licensed to grow and sell are prescribing the same to the patients.

Marijuana as medicine is trending in Colorado and other states, where it is completely legal. But do you know that there are still some startling gaps that we all are unaware of?

For Instance, we don’t know if all the doctors of Saskatchewan are actually prescribing marijuana or not. Nothing in real is tracked by Health Canada or even the college, or by any other surgeon or doctor here.

What’s happening in Health Canada

The Health Canada licenses all the marijuana producers to supply marijuana as medicine to the patients who need it. So, there is a black market industry for both the recreational and medical marijuana companies right now.

Anyone who is looking forward to acquiring marijuana oils, edibles, candies, or dried leaves need to go online to get it delivered to their homes from now.

What Next in the Pot Industry here?

Against this milieu, the companies and people now will conduct meetings with the suppliers who are actually licensed to use it medically. Also, it is the 7th year that Jeffrey Lundstrom is organizing organized the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup like many years in the past.

Pot Industry

The Words of Jeffrey Lundstrom!

He believes that the focus should always be to ensure that if the symptoms of your diseases are decreasing with the usage of marijuana, there should definitely be someone who can help all in supplying the right amount of the cannabis. It may be a doctor, private grower, to any dispensary as well.

All we need right now is the reasonable access, which can never halt the supply of the marijuana to treat people. After medical benefits of marijuana can’t be ignored, right? So, why ignore the decent supply of the same to the patients?

So, after this, there will be 17 companies and more than 30 entrants who will be participating in the competition for the Harvest Cup.