Marijuana Medical- What is making them Spend $5.5 Million on Twins?


Marijuana medical has been in demand in Colorado for quite a while now. One of the biggest challenges across the state is the lack of data supporting the positive effects of cannabis on health. The Colorado University has some hopes to fill in those gaps by researching more about the subject. And, the subject for the study this time is nothing but the twins in the state.

Marijuana Medicine

$5.5 Million Study is to be conducted

Besides these twins being the subject of study for knowing the effects of cannabis on health, it is said that $5.5 million is spent on the study. The amount is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They will be the ones monitoring 2500 set of twins falling between the age group of 23 to 29 in Colorado and Minnesota over a period of 5 years.

Cannabis in Colorado

The study will reveal how the cannabis will affect their health in that given span of time. Cannabis in Colorado is simply becoming the talk of the town to everyone now.

The Surveys has Said it all!

According to the phone and internet surveys, the entire team will be monitoring the study besides comparing the results of all the twins. Some of the twins residing in Minnesota will be using only the legal form of the marijuana in different forms. The research is based on different modern aspects as compared to the traditional ones. With the study, the monitoring team will see how these twins are consuming the marijuana with the effects of the same on their health.

By making twins of Minnesota a part of their research, they will even see how people buy marijuana and even the different sources of buying such stuff. Apart from this, even the researchers will even see what methods are being used for buying marijuana.

Cannabis in Colorado

Cannabis in Colorado has become a serious agenda. Even how they are consuming marijuana will be seen. Be it the edibles, dabbing, smoking, or any other way used to consume cannabis will also be noticed. The main concern is the level of THC in all the products consumed by the twins.

Will it be an Effective Research?

Well, if the rumors are believed, the research will be a success to gain knowledge of the purpose for which the research has started. Besides, the numbers of states that are legalizing marijuana are increasing day by day. The research is simply going to be an addition to what people already know about marijuana. The researchers will even ask these twins about any psychological or legal challenges that they are dealing with. Is it even making them fulfills their career goals and improve their relationships or not.

marijuana medicine

Both the fraternal and identical twins will be studied. With this, they are aiming at discovering the environmental and genetic factors as well. Besides, even the negative aspects of the marijuana medicine will be studied with this research.

The results of the study will say everything itself. While some of these twins will be absolutely fine, some others will even face the negative consequences of the cannabis as well. We suspect the consequences will be adverse.