So, how’s marijuana business in Colorado working? Ranchers say that they have Colorado’s only ZERO- carbon footprint Marijuana grow in Vail Valley.

It was when Linda and Rob took a look at the fertile soil at their TNT Ranch, when they decided to grow something on the field. The snow melt water started at 12,500 feet above sea level and flows towards their ranch before going anywhere else. Well, this is what hit their mind to grow something in such fertile land.

marijuana business in Colorado
So, how’s marijuana business in Colorado working?

The Invention of POT ZERO!

After this idea, they launched POT ZERO, which as per them is the most milieu conscious marijuana products in this very state called Colorado. And, the good news is that this creates no carbon footprint. With the experience of growing one or the other thing on their farm for years, Marijuana was not as such the so-called paradigm shift that people might think it is. After all, people have recognized medicinal plants and their uses way before.

How this works, in Reality?

The hydroelectric plant produces all the power that their ranch needs to work. Of course, the sun does it part as well. Even the TNT Ranch was recognized by the local Eagle county Soil Conservation District twice before. They feel blessed with such extraordinary loam soil and UV light, and especially the water that comes right to their property without any hindrance.

medicinal plants and their uses
medicinal plants and their uses

Snow to Grow- The Nickname of the POT ZERO

Both of them call it Snow to Grow, which means all the materials grown on their ranch are organic. The Scottish Highland cattle herd is responsible for providing some of the organics and rest is done by nature.
Rob believes that when all such great things come together, plants flourish with joy and happiness.

marijuana business in Colorado
marijuana business in Colorado

What Happened after Marijuana became Legal?

So, when the government made marijuana legal, not only the marijuana business in Colorado was celebrating, but also Linda and Rob. They expanded their business and operations. Also, their organic products did well, which has only zero carbon footprint cultivation in Colorado. Their focus has now shifted to assist people in dealing their pains and emotional and physical issues.

POT ZERO indeed is the cleanest, greens, and most sustainable operation in Colorado and other states.
Hence, Marijuana business in Colorado is flourishing!