Identifying Old or Bad Cannabis Past Its Shelf Life

Bag with weed on a rustic wooden table, bad cannabis,

The growing market of cannabis has made this plant a popular aspect of the world culture. It’s not just a drug for you to get high. Cannabis is like your stairway to heaven. It will help you attain nirvana. When smoked, marijuana strains release a psychoactive compound called THC which is responsible for the high. Due to this property, many people in the society call it harmful and turn a blind eye towards it.

Bag with weed on a rustic wooden table, bad cannabis, Now how would you know if your herb is good cannabis or bad cannabis? There are some indicators and cues to find out the quality of your herb. A superior quality strain can last up to 5 years if stored properly. So it is best to test out the quality of your ganja before you fill a bowl.

#1: Aromatic Cue

Terpenes are responsible for the sweet and earthly smell of marijuana. The problem with terpene is it doesn’t stick around for a very long time. If your strain of marijuana still has terpene, it will have the raw earthly smell. If kept improperly for a long time, the terpenes will evaporate thus losing the aroma. An odorless strain is an example of bad cannabis.

#2: Visual Cues

A cannabis bud and a flower can provide aesthetic pleasure to its user. The buds curl up at the top of the plant and thus form the cola. A lot depends on the color of the strain. If its green and looks fresh, its good. If it’s yellowed and dry and powders up on pressing, it has turned bad.

drugs packs with joint on mirror background with blurred female reflection, bad cannabis#3: Tactile Cues

A lot depends on the handling of the herb. If the buds turn into powder on compressing, the strain is ruined. If the buds are still moist and rich, the cannabis is usable. Physical contact with the buds will help you in determining the usability of it.

#4: Audio cues

Though this idea seems a little far-fetched, it’s valid. Properly dried and cured flowers and stems will audibly “snap.” This is a good audio indicator that your buds are still within their moisture sweet spot.

After you’ve done all these tests, go ahead and try it out. If it’s bad cannabis you’ll know as soon as you light it.