Some of the Best Anti-Marijuana Ads Ever


Anti-marijuana ads have been around since the good ol’ days of Reefer Madness. Since then there have been plenty of ads warning of the dangers of cannabis. Some are hilarious and others downright ridiculous. Here are a few of our favorite anti-marijuana ads that pushed to get people not to smoke pot. 

The Official Truth…

If You’re Not Killing People, You’re Still Going to Die

Says Who???

Date Rape Stylie

The “Rage Chemicals” in THC…And We Thought it Made You Mellow

This 1970s Anti-Marijuana Commercial is Awesome

Night Rider Says Marijuana Has More Cancer Causing Properties than Tobacco

Seriously Hilarious…Like is This Even Real?

Don’t You Wish Your Dog Talked to You When You Were High? 

For Some Reason, We Don’t Think the Latest Anti-Pot Propaganda Is Going to Last Long