Ghost Train Haze: The Strongest Sativa You’ll Get

Heap of homegrown cannabis buds isolated on white, cannabis strains, marijuana strains, ghost train haze

The ever growing cannabis market has encouraged more and more people into joining this realm. The cannabis culture has now taken over a part of the world with its promises and wonders. Cannabis as a plant has several uses. Its flowers and leaves are used for consumption. The strains are used either for therapeutic or recreational purposes. The fibre from the cannabis plant stem is used for producing industrial hemp, which is used in making ropes, bags and other goods.

Cannabis is of two types, namely sativa and indica. The indica strains are said to have calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind due to its THC content. Sativa on the other hand has a deep cerebral and sometimes psychedelic effect. Out of all the sativas, Ghost Train Haze is probably one of the strongest.

big, juicy selective plants of cannabis on a dark background closeup, ghost train hazeStrain Details

This high potent cannabis strain is a hybrid between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck. Rare Dankness of Colorado first bred it. Rare Dankness also bred Nevil’s Wreck and Ghost OG is a phenotype of OG Kush. Ghost Train Haze can have a THC content of up to 27%, which makes this a strain like no other. On an average, a strain can contain 23-28% THC.

This strain has a slight citrus scent with a touch of sweetness and pine sharpness. The buds of this strain can be incredibly dense and they have lots of white crystals.

Heap of homegrown cannabis buds  isolated on white, cannabis strains, marijuana strains, ghost train hazeEffects and Uses

Like other sativas, this strain also has deep cerebral effects. This strain will tend to wind you up and make you happy. It will affect your face and sinuses and gradually spread to your brain and body. First time users have to be careful as the hit can be very strong. Initially users may undergo an electric tingling sensation in their body followed by a deep cerebral high.

Ghost Train Haze will tend to make you more talkative and giggly and you could end up having a great conversation or laugh at every word. Even though it is a sativa, it has some indica lineage which gives the body a relaxed sensation and muscle loosening after a while.

This strain is being used medicinally to treat patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pains, and depression. This strain will be your cup of espresso if you have a long day or a night ahead of you.

Always have a strain of Ghost Train Haze before you go out for a party or have a long night of work.