Some Interesting Facts About Cannabis and Sex

Cannabis and sex


Cannabis is known to have an amazing physcological effect on the brain that will help with keeping a person elated and in some cases, it’s known to help with getting a person excited for no reason. There is one thing that hasn’t been addressed though about all of it and that is the question of how cannabis is connected to sex.

From a basic standpoint, we can safely assume that since the plant can affect the body and the mind in some amazing ways, it’s a fact that can make it a sex enhancer just because of these effects.

Here are some pretty interesting facts about cannabis and sex.

  1. Cannabis enhances pleasure.

When you ingest cannabis, depending on how you consume it, it goes directly into the brain. When it reaches the brain, cannabis will trigger the release of a hormone in the brain called dopamine. Do you know when else dopamine is released in the brain? When you are having sex. Dopamine is in itself one of the most popular pleasure enhancing hormones in the body, it also helps in combating pain.

  1. The Bonding Effect

When cannabis reaches the brain, in addition to the dopamine, it triggers the release of another molecule known as the bliss molecule i.e Anandamide (AEA). This molecule is a pleasure boosting molecule which helps makes all Social Interaction more engaging and enjoyable. When you consume cannabis, the THC in cannabis will temporarily act like AEA. This in turn means your interactions with your partner will be more interesting and engaging helping strengthen the bond between you.

  1. Too much of it can decrease your sex-drive

Yes, you heard it right and this is specifically for males. Having a lot of cannabis will decrease the relative levels of testosterone in your body. So, how do you consume it without affecting your sexual healthy? The secret is to take the cannabis in micro doses over a lengthened period of time. Taking a little of it has been known to increase your relative testosterone levels and this can be helpful.

  1. Smoke it together

What better way is there for you to bond with your partner than by taking the cannabis together. From a survey done by UC Berkely, a survey was given to 634 married couples who used cannabis. The research showed that these couples were less likely to exhibit traits of violence towards each other the more they smoked together. Remember what I wrote AEA in the preceding paragraphs? It can be attributed to that!

  1. The strains are important

When it comes to strains, there are some strains that are proven to result in arousal as compared to others. The strains you should take to make sex more enjoyable are; Pink berry, Kali Mist and Chocolope.

  1. It’s dependable

According to a research by the University of Carlifonia, the effects of Cannabis particularly on Sex Drive differ from one person to person. According to them, some people who consumed cannabis reportedly felt aroused but with some, well the story was different. But nevertheless, the majority of the people, 67% felt aroused after consuming cannabis.