Effect of Cannabis Have Gotten Up to 5 Times Stronger Since the 1980, Says Professor Christian Hopfer

effects of cannabis
effects of cannabis


buying marijuana in Colorado
buying marijuana in Colorado

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As is common knowledge, buying marijuana in Colorado and in many other states of USA is now legal. Americans legally use marijuana with and without prescription of doctor, yet drug’s effects on the health are not fully clear.

There is very common rumor today about marijuana – is the effects of cannabis and its popularity are much stronger than it was in the 1970s and 1908s.

Professor Hopfer, professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Anschutz Medical Campus says, that in some states dispensaries are consistently selling marijuana,  which is at least five times stronger than it was 40 years ago. But, that is only evident reality.

Professor Hopfer’s Research on Effects of Cannabis

For the right research, professor Hopfer visited the dispensaries in the Colorado, where he saw a wide variety of drug which is sold with a content breakdown of around 25% THC, an active ingredient in marijuana that is accountable for the high.

He says that this is used from 2-5%, as this stuff is highly powerful.

The THC content of cannabis in Colorado is sold on a high rate, but THC in marijuana has tripled in US since 1995, according to a recent study.

Researchers of the Mississippi University reviewed about 39,000 samples of marijuana that have been seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration in US.

In 1995 THC levels stay closed around 4%, on average, while they were high in 2014 to 12%.

CBD Content Responsible for Many of the Drug’s Therapeutic Effects has Dropped

The CBD content that is the main reason for many of the drug’s therapeutic effects has fallen down. The researchers found a big change in the ratio of THC to CBD about 80:1 in 2014 and 14:1 in 1995.

Tracking the strength of the THC can be complicated as the older a weed samples gets the more its THC appears to degrade. How the THC is stored, also matters, there are two barriers that can interfere somehow with the measures on the flower’s potency.

According to the 2012 review of 17 studies, analyzing the potency of cannabis in Colorado, noted that most studies reviewed did not describe any appropriate information about the features. It was mainly conservation status and the age of the analyzed cannabis samples.

Most of the researchers agree that weed is getting stronger gradually, but they did not agree in opinion for exact change.

effects of cannabis
effects of cannabis

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Are People Increasing their Dose of Weed?

There is another issue that arises here. Researchers may be able to find that weed is getting stronger, but they can’t appropriately say whether the people are increasing their dose or not.

In 2014, a study published in the journal Addiction, found that based on the effectiveness of the drug, the regular weed users naturally adjust their consumption and inhale less smoke when the THC is high.The researchers were not able to make any exact conclusion about the effects of cannabis and possible ties between higher doses and addiction.

Hopfer says, that a new approach to address cannabis and its dosage is essential. He stated, “I think we’ve dealt with marijuana historically from a criminal justice perspective, but if you switch to an environment where it’s legal, you switch to a public health perspective. And to do that right, we need more scientific research.”