Eagle County Colorado Uses Marijuana Money to Improve Mental Health


In Eagle County, marijuana tax money is going to a good cause. A measure recently passed that will enable marijuana money to improve the mental health of Eagle County residents. With over 10,000 people in Eagle County experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues each year, the measure comes welcomed by countless members of the community.

Suicide Rates in Eagle County Ahead of the National Average

The goal of Ballot Issue 1A is to help reduce suicide rates and offer an outlet for people who wouldn’t typically be able to access mental health services. In Eagle County, it’s been reported that suicide rates are “well ahead of the national average.” As of November, there were already 12 suicides in Eagle County, something Eagle County Public Health Director, Chris Lindley notes “nobody’s talking about.”

Over 73 percent of Eagle County voters were in favor of the measure, hoping it would be of benefit to those who normally wouldn’t seek help.

According to Kris Widlack, communications director for Eagle County Government, “We are seeing an increase in need, and currently residents have to travel one to two hours or more to find a better spectrum of services. With the realization that without new funding, Eagle County residents are likely to experience the status quo of inadequate services.”

New Mental Health Services Offer Eagle County Residents a Brighter Future

Using marijuana tax money to increase mental health services will ensure Eagle County residents don’t continue to suffer with the services that have been available to them in the past.

Mental Health Colorado is in strong support of the new measure. According to Andrew Romanoff, CEO of Mental Health Colorado, of those that suffer from mental health or substance abuse issues in Eagle County, “most go without treatment.”

Romanoff also expressed how pleased Mental Health Colorado is to be working in collaboration with Eagle County on the initiative. “A bipartisan coalition of community leaders stepped up to address this crisis, and we are proud to have supported them.”

This isn’t the first time those involved in the cannabis industry have reached out to community members in need. From helping the homeless to providing to those less fortunate, marijuana tax money is being used to give back all over the state. This recent move by Eagle County is but another example of how beneficial marijuana money can truly be.