Basic Tutorial: How to Dose Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

dose cannabis oil

Dab measurement can be a nerve-wrecking task for the first timers like you. Nevertheless, most hash oils are served in half-gram portions. There are no instruments present to measure dabbing. Incidentally, there is a word prevailing in the market for newcomers “Start with a small dab”. Fortunately, there are some tricks for you to understand how to dose cannabis oil and give you a slight idea on how much strength your concentrate has.

#1: Check the Label

Almost all the markets add some basic information about the cannabinoid on their concentrate packaging. Information’s regarding THCA to THC ratio, total THC content which will give you a generic idea about how much dose of cannabis oil is right for you. For Example if the label says it contains 80% THC that means every one gram of oil will have 800 mg of cannabis, whereas the recommended edible amount for newcomers is 5%-10%.

dose cannabis oil#2: Using the Right Tool

Wide ranges of dabber tool are present in the market. However, you can choose any collection tool you want to dose cannabis oil and concentrates. However, to make the job easy you should always choose the tool that is easy to handle. Dabber tools with broad tips are good for handling cannabis concentrates.

 #3: Portioning

After getting the 800 mg cannabinoid let’s say you divide it into equal halves as evenly as possible getting 100 mg of cannabinoid in each halves making it easier to get hash consistencies than others. You can use the dabbing tool to heat it up and slice through the sample like a knife that goes through butter. Depending on the cannabinoid amount it should become much easier to make a dab from the concentrates.  Before portioning, don’t forget to check the label on the package.

dose cannabis oil#4: Use Vaporizer Cartridges

Portioning may feel like more work to you. No need to worry use the vaporizer cartridges that are preset for one hit = one dose. Making your work easier and not worrying about inhaling huge amount of cannabinoid. If you want to experience heavy dose use multiple pulls. Nowadays cartridge manufactures gives you an estimate of maximum number of hits that they can give. If you keep that in mind, you will know how to dose cannabis oil or concentrate.

#5: Always start small

As a newcomer always start with the minimum amount of dab possible and consequently increase the amount. The effect of say like 25 mg dose of cannabis oil may not be the same on everybody. It may affect you less than any of your friend who takes the same amount of dose. So, it is wiser of you to start small and build gradually as your system can uptake. It’s necessary to remember that you can always go up.

Now that all being said about the dos and don’ts of how to dose cannabis oils and concentrate it’s time for you to enjoy cannabis in your own way.