Denver Coffee Shop Could Become Colorado’s First Legal Cannabis Club

Feshly brewed espresso

An application was recently received by the Denver department that regulates cannabis businesses. A business scheduled to open in the next couple weeks, appropriately named the Coffee Joint, is the first business in Colorado seeking to allow limited consumption of cannabis at their establishment.

Initiative to Allow Public Consumption of Cannabis at Business Passed Last Year

In 2016, voters passed Initiative 300, which would allow public consumption of marijuana at businesses and permitted events. The initiative states that patrons must provide their own marijuana. Although the city started accepting applications last August, this is the first one they’ve received.

The Coffee Joint could become the first place in Colorado where public consumption is permitted. The application submitted by Rita Tsalyuk and Kirill Merkulov was received this past Monday by Denver’s licensing department. According to Dan Rowland, depart spokesman, a public hearing will be set in the next 2-3 months.

The Coffee Joint aims to open in an industrial area off I-25 just southwest of downtown Denver. There is already a dispensary there, and entrepreneurs Tsalyuk and Merkulov say they have connections with the owners. Tsalyuk’s husband are co-owners of the dispensary next door. 1136 Yuma opened for business just over a year ago and provide both recreational and medical cannabis.

The Coffee Joint Will Allow Edibles and Vaping…And Offer Coffee, Art, Music, and More 

If the application for the Coffee Joint is approved by the Denver licensing department, it won’t allow smoking of marijuana due to the statewide ban of smoking indoors. It will however, allow the consumption of edibles and vaping. Admission will be $5 at the door, and there will be basic tea and coffee offerings.

Tsalyuk says that the Coffee Joint will open as a coffee shop in the next couple weeks, hoping to open the doors before Christmas. She says they want to offer a welcoming atmosphere. There will premium drinks and packaged food available, as well as art and music, retail items, and board games to play while you’re there. Eventually, she wants to use the space as a place to educate people about the benefits of cannabis.