Dear First Time Cannabis User, Please Read This

Dear First Time Cannabis User, Please Read This

Cannabis is a really sensitive drug and unlike tobacco, if you are not aware of what you are doing especially if you’ve never had a single taste of it, you’ll end up having a bad experience that will leave you despising instead of loving it. Personally, I believe that the legalization and acceptance of marijuana is the second best thing to ever happen in this century, the first being the growing influence of the web.

If you are thinking of taking cannabis for medicinal purposes for the first time, then it’s vitally important that you become aware of some common mistakes such that when the ideal moment comes, you would have safeguarded yourself from falling into some common traps a lot of people have succumbed to.

1. Don’t be either too excited or anxious

I know, you are a first time cannabis user about to have a taste of cannabis for the first time and it feels amazing doesn’t it? But before you actually go on to do it, breath in and out and take it slow. Anxiety is bad especially for first time users because normally, when you get too excited, you will take a lot of it and taking a lot of marijuana especially if it is for the first time might result in nasty panic attacks. So, be sure to take time and take it slow while monitoring both your physical and psychological reaction to it.

2. Be watchful of your strains

There are many different strains of cannabis which can be classified by the relative concentration of the cannabinoids in them. Some strains have a lot of THC as compared to CBD but with some, the concentration of CBD is higher as compared to that of THC. This is why you need to test different kinds of strains to figure out which one might be for you before you go on to dismiss cannabis as being ineffective.

3. Don’t believe what you see in the media

I’ve interacted with a lot of first time cannabis users who believed the fairy tails tv shows and movies gave them about cannabis that by taking it, you will be elevated to the ‘realm of the gods.’ This is not true at all! Apart from being elevated to the realm of the gods, understand that cannabis is not a universal drug even though it’s effective against some diseases like cancer and diabetes. Before you prescribe it to yourself, sometimes a quick consultation with your doctor is vitally important.

4. It has side effects

You know that high you experience when you use cannabis? You probably haven’t experienced it yet since you are about to be a first time cannabis user but nevertheless you might have seen it. That’s one perfect example of a side effect of marijuana especially if you use it for medicinal purposes. Normally, the high will be intense for first time users as compared to regular users because your body would not have developed enough tolerance for it yet. Take it modestly and be ready when the side effects come, better stay indoors!

5. Be careful with it

Imagine if you have a kid and you see him chewing your cannabis strain because you left it in an easily accessible place? Marijuana is medication and the way you care for your medication is the same way you should care for it.

I hope this article will help you as a first time cannabis user to have a great medical journey with cannabis.