Colorado State University leads the way in Veterinary Cannabis Treatment


Cannabis treatment is taking the new turn in Colorado. The gathering happened at the Butterfly Pavilion on October 7, 2017, where all the veterinary professionals and the pet owners met. Seven doctors of Colorado spread the information about using the cannabis with animals, which is actually changing at a very fast speed.

 What says Dr. Stephanie McGrath?

Well, even this leading neurologist of the Colorado State University said that the cannabis has been effective in treating the dogs who were suffering from epilepsy and osteoarthritis. One of the renowned advocates also discussed the successful studies that took place on the same subject.

Cannabis for Pets- The words of McGrath

McGrath spends her career treating inflammatory brain diseases along with disorders of spine and seizure. So, why she ended up at studying about the CBD and its uses at the veterinary world? Cannabis in Colorado seems to be getting the fame that it really deserves.

What Does the Research Say?

Approximately of 3-5% of dogs are suffering from genetic epilepsy. And the other 14 million are going through the pain of arthritis. The treatment of these diseases and disorders are expensive, which not all can afford. So, why not consider cannabis, which is available at the price that doesn’t hurt anyone’s pocket?

Even studies and experiments are done on these dogs. They were treated with cannabis for a certain time and the results doctors saw was simply amazing.

With almost 27 dogs taking part in this experiment, almost each one of them is getting better with each passing day, without experiencing any side effects.

Cannabis treatment has begun!


It seems that cannabis treatment has begun in the state. CBD dogs’ treats and oils are already manufacturing in the companies and it is selling like anything. The main reason why it is selling is how the pets are able to defeat their diseases and disorders.

Just a little more research is what the state needs to do on the cannabis right now. As we said, cannabis in Colorado is taking a new turn now. So, are you too open for using cannabis at your pets? Well, if you really want to treat your pet without the side effects of the medicines, this is perhaps the easy way to make them healthy again.

So, go ahead and look for some top marijuana companies that can help your pet get the best cannabis treatment ever!