Colorado To Restrict Home Cultivation Of Cannabis Post Legalisation

marijuana, home cultivation of marijuana

Considering the present limits of plant cultivation in America, Colorado seems to be the best place for cannabis cultivators. This means that Colorado is the best place to grow cannabis legally and ship it around the country or sell at a higher price in the black market.

farmer planting his marijuana crop, home cultivation, home cultivation of cannabisHowever, with the latest federal law claiming cannabis and marijuana extracts as Schedule I drugs, the authorities at the Rocky Mountain state are pondering over their decision to approve the home cultivation of cannabis.

Presently, patients using medical marijuana in Colorado can grow upto 99 plants, according to Westword. However, recreational cannabis users, who are over 21 years of age, are allowed to grow six plants per person. Additionally, both patients and recreational cannabis users can join up with other adults to form co – operational of cannabis plant cultivation. In either of the scenarios, no oversight is required from the state police.

Considering the leniency of law, the legal enforcers claim that this is being used to by using unscrupulous means to transport marijuana out of the state.

Approximately 22,400 pounds of home cultivated cannabis was seized this fall, because it was intended to be sold in black markets in other states. This is why the Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is now proposing new laws for home cultivation of cannabis.

marijuana, home cultivation of marijuanaUnder Hickenlooper’s present proposal, no more than 12 plants per residence will be allowed per residence. Notably, Denver is already following this 12 plant rule, and is pondering on ways to restrict this further.

Other Restrictions For Home Cultivation

However, commercial operations would be allowed under the present state law. This would, however, require cannabis yield to be tracked and hence prevent the diversion out of the state. The newest restrictions would be effective since January 1, 2017 and additional rules might be presented in the first three months of 2017.

Moreover, Hickenlooper has also asked legislators to think about an effective ban on the recreational growth of marijuana. It is not clear at this moment if he  would be able to make the changes via the legislators or would have to put it to vote, Associated Press noted.