Cops and School Administrators in Colorado Doubtful Teen Use of Cannabis Has Declined


While there have been numerous reports published that contend teen use of cannabis has declined in Colorado since legalization, cops and school administrators say otherwise. Although studies as recent as a month ago say Colorado teen use of cannabis has dropped, school cops say that they’re seeing more teens use weed than ever before.

Colorado Cops Say That Despite What Studies Say, They See a Dramatic Increase in Teen Pot Use Since Legalization

A recent article in the Denver Post notes that cops across the Centennial State are seriously “questioning whether youths are using marijuana less.” Police assigned to public schools (or school resource officers) in Colorado say that use among teens has actually increased in recent years. This is based upon their own observations.

Vern Thompson is one of 20 school resource officers (SROs) in Colorado Springs. “I’ve written more marijuana tickets in the last two years that I ever wrote while out on patrol.”

And according to former Broomfield officer and SRO, Matt Montgomery, “There’s a great deal of disparity in the number of kids who say they use marijuana and what we actually saw. They’re doing it so much that its scary. Marijuana is easier to get than alcohol.”

Are Teens Smoking More Weed?

Until 2015-2016, cannabis was not separated from other illicit drug use from data collected in various schools across Colorado. This makes it difficult to determine how many kids were smoking weed compared to other drugs.

During this time period when cannabis use statistics were separated, 1,585 public schools reported 2,928 marijuana-related incidents. This increased the following year when 1,612 public schools reported 3,460 marijuana-related incidents.

Those who say teens are smoking more weed have questioned the procedures of studies that have shown a drop in teen cannabis consumption. And while several studies show that less teens are using cannabis than ever before in Colorado, not everyone believes the hype.

With a new year close on the horizon, there will undoubtedly be more statistical evidence and studies that show if in fact teen use is increasing the way cops and school officials say it is.