What Chris Christie & Rudy Giuliani Mean To Legalized Marijuana


What Chris Christie & Rudy Giuliani Mean To Legalized Marijuana

Are these names more dangerous for the cannabis legalization movement than that of Donald Trump? Perhaps. While Donald Trump has been sometimes supportive, sometimes not, sometimes falling in between on marijuana issues, Chris Christie has been pretty darn clear about where he stands — and it’s not been favorable to the industry. And Rudy Giuliani was one of the toughest proponents of getting rid of every drug when he was mayor of NYC. So, with these two men pretty much guaranteed a stop somewhere in President Trump’s cabinet, what do those who partake in legalized pot have to fear?

Is Trump A Hypocrite On Legalized Pot?

So, Mr. Trump has spoken about many things, but not pot, per se. However, he has said that he favors state’s rights – which is where we can partake in our legalized marijuana. But then he said that Federal law should ultimately rule, so…

Legalization Mean Tax Funds

And this is why many believe that Governor Christie has not shut down New Jersey’s budding medical marijuana dispensaries. Like cigarettes and alcohol, legalized medical and recreational marijuana are taxed higher than typical goods, and those funds go a long way. From school to infrastructure, and even drug education, there are many ways in which these funds are used. In fact, a few short months ago Mr. Christie signed a law allowing those diagnosed with PTSD to consume medical marijuana. And by 2020 is it projected that legalized pot in any form is going to be a $20 billion dollar industry.

But It’s Still Federally Illegal

More than likely, it will stay Federally illegal. That’s just how it’s going to be. There’s too much lobbying for tobacco and alcohol – and none for legalized pot. It’s sad, but for the foreseeable future, that’s how it is. But for those who favor state’s rights, a President Trump may be the best possible thing (hear me out). Unlike those on the left who want Federal mandates for most everything, state’s rights are better because, honestly, that’s how this country works better. What those in Alabama want may not be what California wants, and it shouldn’t be forced upon people. So, will this change someday? Maybe – but not in the near future. And that’s okay with most of us.