CBD Significantly Reduces Public Speaking Anxiety


If you’re one of countless whose heart races and palms start sweating at the thought of giving a speech in public, you’re not alone. Were you aware that most people rank the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death? Speaking in public is terrifying for most people…even those who are thoroughly prepared to present what they have to say.

Fear Not…CBD Can Help Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Whether its giving a speech at your brother’s wedding, giving a presentation at work, or making it through Public Speaking 101 in college, the majority of people dread the thought of public speaking before it even begins.

CBD can change this. If you’ve got to give a speech, just one dose of CBD can make your fear of public speaking virtually vanish. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is commonly used to help with anxiety, with several studies highlighting its ability to dramatically reduce the fear of speaking in front of an audience.

We’re not talking about THC here. In fact, smoking THC-dominant strains before giving a speech sounds like a nightmare. CBD however, it different. The anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects of CBD have been studied for years. A 2011 study showed groundbreaking results in the efficiency of CBD to treat public speaking anxiety.

Study Shows CBD “Significantly” Reduces Public Speaking Anxiety

Researchers looked at how CBD might impact people with individuals with social phobia. The subjects of the study were “treatment-naïve”, which means they had never received treatment for their social anxiety in the past.

Participants in the study with social anxiety disorder SAD) were given CBD, then engaged in a simulation public speaking test. What researchers found could change how people face public speaking forever.

According to the study, “Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech. The placebo group presented higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort, and alert levels when compared with the control group.”

Basically, the participants who were given CBD got over their fear of speaking in front of an audience, while the placebo group remained terrified. Anyone who panics at the thought of speaking in public should keep this study in mind.

Live in a medical cannabis state? Preparing a speech that’s got you petrified? Relax. Just a small dose of CBD can help ease you into the state of mind necessary to not only get over your fear, but also succeed in giving a speech your audience won’t forget.