Cannabis in the Workplace. Some Important Considerations for both Safety and Productivity.

Cannabis in the workplace

Each day, more and more people people are beginning to use marijuana in the US, something that can be attributed to the fact that the drug is now starting to be seen as acceptable on both moral and social standards.

Nevertheless, although the drug is now being accepted and appreciated, there are still some important considerations with regards to cannabis that are worth noting especially when it comes to cannabis. It’s a known fact, cannabis has some amazing healing effects which have proven to be effective against diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and a lot more.

The healing properties of cannabis are being publicized but one thing that can’t be ignored is that marijuana is but all a drug and having too much of it can have some disastrous effects that can heavily impact a company if a lot of its employees are taking it.

This is one of the major reasons why a lot of employers are being intolerant towards the use of cannabis in the workplace. A lot of companies are still doing drug screening tests to determine if any of their employees or would be employees are using the drug.

Coming out positive for such tests might result in disastrous consequences such as refusal to hire or complete termination of a contract.

You might be asking why the employers in particular are being very intolerant towards the use of Marijuana. Here are some reasons why employers are still enforcing such policies that do not favor the use of Cannabis in the workplace.

 Safety Concerns

Normally, companies whose primary reason for banning employees from using cannabis is employee safety are justified in doing so. Why? This is because there are a lot of reported cases where cannabis has been linked to workplace accidents especially in heavy industries.

The major reason why marijuana increases employee susceptibility to accidents is because it’s been linked impaired body movement, poor problem solving, memory impairment and a lost sense of time.By smoking cannabis in the workplace, you’ll be making yourself vulnerable to such situations.

As you can see, with such effects, it can be next to impossible for anyone to do their work effectively and companies understand that the overall results will be shown on their balance sheet.

Problems with attitude

When I speak of attitude, it’s important to note than in this case, I’m not referring to Social Attitude because marijuana is a socially acceptable drug. The attitude I’m referring to is the type of attitude that might somehow impact the overall productivity of an individual employee.

Medical Cannabis is often used for the purposes of pain relief and by consuming it before work, you risk putting yourself into a very relaxed mood that will see you dragging your way throughout the day impacting your productivity at work in the process.

In conclusion, although Cannabis is very effective for medical purposes, there are some very serious consequences than can arise if it is mixed with work. There are a lot of theories around that try to connect cannabis use with increased creativity and it seems as if a lot of people are beginning to develop appreciation of them, well, they aren’t practically true. Cannabis can distort your focus and it’s next to impossible to be creative when you are not focused.